Yam Concepcion impeccable dramatic chops

n her 10 years in the local entertainment scene, Yam Concepcion is already able to prove her caliber and versatility as an actress through her various portrayals both in television and movies. However, it’s truly undeniable that her acting chops are further exhibited in her stint in Init Sa Magdamag as Rita. 

And as the well-loved primetime series is now on its “The Final Blow” finale week, let’s look back on the 10 scenes wherein the 33-year-old actress was able to prove her undeniable dramatic prowess in this episode of Kapamilya Toplist.

Just like other women out there, what Rita desires in life is to fulfill her dreams and find genuine, long-lasting love. While she’s able to achieve both, she had to cry buckets of tears in her pursuit of the latter. We witnessed her broke down a number of times, such as when she was compelled to break up with her first love Tupe (Gerald Anderson) to heed the pleas of his parents and save him from imminent danger, which still transpired and ensued to the murder of his father. 

Unfortunately, she had to go another heartbreak when she had a miscarriage and lost her child with Tupe. That indeed got her depressed, but with the help of her persistent admirer-turned-husband Peterson (JM de Guzman) she’s able to move on and live a brand-new life as his faithful and doting housewife. However, just when we thought that their marriage would last, he suddenly changed and became more possessive of her, which gradually took a toll on their relationship.

And after some years, her former flame went back to her life unexpectedly. This gave her the opportunity to finally explain to Tupe the real reason behind her actions in the past that led to their breakup, and ‘fess up that they actually had a daughter but decided not to tell him about it because both of them are already living peaceful lives. They once again had another moving moment when she humbly asked him to impregnate her out of her sheer love for her husband who can no longer do so because of a terrible accident that affected his ability to reproduce.

While the breakdown scenes of Rita were already enough to showcase the dramatic flair of Yam, we found ourselves further astounded when we witnessed how she’s able to effectively depict the plight of a battered wife as Peterson physically abused her in their most intense altercation in the drama. The Kapamilya actress was indeed able to make us feel the pains of Rita as she got punched and hurt by her husband despite being pregnant through evoking the right emotions through her actions and lines.

After displaying the weak side of her character, Yam showed us the strong facet of Rita, starting off with her heart-rending confrontation with Peterson wherein he asked for her forgiveness after the traumatizing things he did to her.

The talented actress then amazed us anew with her natural acting in portraying an anguished Rita who angrily expressed to Tupe how not okay she was and how she really wanted to get away from Peterson. Because of how impeccable her performance was and how her relevant her lines were, that scene became a meme and circulated online.

We also got to witness how Yam was able to quickly shift from one emotion to another when Tupe had his panic attack and she was the only one present there to assist him. It’s really astounding how it seemed easy for her to cry and exude fear, panic, and sadness at the same time just with her facial expressions.

As Init Sa Magdamag is now on its few remaining episodes, it will surely be difficult to bid farewell to Rita, Yam’s best acting stint so far and first-ever protagonist role in a teleserye. Show your continuous love and support for her by not missing the last episodes of the drama in its “The Final Blow” finale week, weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z Channel