10 most intense confrontation scenes of Peterson and Tupe in Init Sa Magdamag

Init Sa Magdamag has been heating up our nights not just with its passionate romance on, but also with its feisty altercations and fiery drama.

As the emotionally-packed teleserye surrounding the complicated lives of love triangle Rita (Yam Concepcion), Peterson (JM de Guzman), and Tupe (Gerald Anderson) is coming to a close, feel the height of the drama by watching this special Kapamilya Toplist!

Let’s look back on Peterson and Tupe’s most intense confrontation scenes.

When Peterson started drowning in jealousy at Rita and Tupe, he became drunk with alcohol and anger as well. It came to a point that when he was driving on the road, he saw Tupe along the way and cornered him. Despite the loud screams and curses Peterson spewed, Tupe saw that he was intoxicated and wisely drove away from a fight.

While on the outside they can look civil, we know that their deep-seated hate for each other would eventually show. At Kapitana’s birthday, Peterson paid a surprise visit, but Tupe knew he had a sinister agenda. Staring him down deadly wasn’t enough so Tupe made it known to Peterson that he knew the man was making a plot to ruin him as a doctor.

Unfortunately, Peterson’s plans were unfoiled. Although the whole issue was brought to court, his power and money shielded him from being jailed. Tupe viciously vowed to fight back because his reputation as a doctor and the lives of his patients were put at stake.

Along the way, Peterson and Tupe’s fights weren’t just about their profession. Their conflicting love for Rita continued to fuel their anger. While Peterson tried to assert his power as Rita’s husband, Tupe could not forgive him for committing violence against Rita. A massive physical fight ensued between them.

Through a series of events, Rita decided to leave Peterson and process an annulment of their marriage. Rita asserted her right to change the terms of their agreement because he is leaving Peterson eventually. Peterson quietly left, but made sure to whisper a daunting threat to Tupe.

Tupe tried moving forward and fixing things with Peterson, but the latter doesn’t plan on making nice. Peterson pinned Tupe as the root cause of why his marriage with Rita failed. Tupe disagreed and dared Peterson to look at himself to see the true cause of all his trials.

Feeling that there is no other way to win, Peterson attempted to kill Tupe. Even if this seemed like the last straw for Tupe, he didn’t let it get the better of him. He and Rita continued to defeat Peterson’s injustice without killing anyone. When they searched Peterson’s house, Rita dreadfully found out that Peterson was spying on her the whole time with CCTV cameras installed all over her house, including the bathroom. From there, you could feel the blood boiling within Tupe and called Peterson a sick animal for doing so.

More blood-curling scenes await in the finale of Init Sa Magdamag! Catch it tonight on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live and A2Z.