10 intense moments that made us hate Peterson in Init Sa Magdamag

With his unmistakable charm and admirable concern and affection he showed Rita (Yam Concepcion) in the early parts of Init Sa Magdamag, it was indeed easy for Peterson, compellingly portrayed by versatile actor JM de Guzman to sweep us off our feet.

However, as the story continues to unfold, his true colors and real personality also got unraveled gradually. And as it turned out, he is not the man we imagined him to be for he’s actually monstrous and despicable, which led to the burning of the once beautiful romance he shared with Rita into flames.

And now that the controversial series is now on its “Final Blow” finale week, let’s take a look back on the 10 most hated moments of Peterson in this episode of Kapamilya Toplist.

While it’s normal for couple to have arguments, it’s definitely inappropriate to hurt your partner verbally and physically, which often happened between Rita and Peterson due to the latter’s extreme and jealousy over men to whom the former had conversations with or had to work with.

Avid viewers surely know that they used to have a very sweet and intimate relationship, yet that eventually changed when he figured in an accident that took a toll on his sex life and his ability to produce offspring.

Thinking that it has decreased his masculinity and his capability to make his wife happy and satisfied in their every intimate moment, Peterson’s possessiveness towards Rita and jealousy over other men tremendously grew. It already came to the point that he accused her of having an affair with Congressman Regalado (Ali Khatibi) and having her tailed by the spies he hired everywhere she went that ensued to their heated altercations.

Even though his husband had already changed, Rita still chose to be by his side, especially when he got depressed over his loss in the elections. He may have hurt her, but her unconditional love for him still prevailed.

Since they could no longer have their own child the natural way, Peterson and Rita sought other options to make their dream of having a complete family come true. With adoption already out of the choices as he wanted her to bear their child, they opted for in vitro fertilization even though she was initially skeptical about it after getting traumatized by her past miscarriage. But due to her undying love for her husband and their longtime dream of having their own family, she agreed to it eventually.

However, instead of having the peaceful and happy life they had aspired for, that decision imperiled their relationship as Peterson chose Tupe (Gerald Anderson) to be their sperm donor as he admired his kindness when he came into his rescue during the accident.

Upon finding out that Tupe was Rita’s ex-boyfriend, Peterson became more irrationally suspicious and possessive of her wife, as he firmly believed that Rita planned everything out in order to rekindle her romance with Tupe. Thus, despite being pregnant, Peterson’s jealousy truly drove him crazy as he still abused her physically and sexually, which encouraged Rita to flee and break up with him in order to save herself and her baby.

Of course, this further drove Peterson nuts, especially when Rita made up her mind to no longer go back to him and she became close with Tupe again. Thus, he planned on murdering Tupe by discreetly shooting him, yet he failed.

In his pursuit of taking his family back, particularly Baby Andrew, he tried to influence the hearing of their son’s custody case and put Rita on the bad side by accusing her of adultery and being the reason why their marriage didn’t work. He even ragingly told her “asawa kita, pag-aari kita!” which arguably didn’t just sit well to Rita, but to everyone who witnessed that scene.

Is there still a chance for Peterson to change? Or will he own up to his mistakes and ask for the forgiveness of everyone he wronged? Let’s all find in the last few episodes of Init Sa Magdamag, weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live and A2Z Channel 11!