The cast of Init Sa Magdamag and their most brilliant, outstanding performances in the series

The stars of Init Sa Magdamag delivered dazzling performances in every scene. And together, they created a compelling harmony of different thespic styles, proving that even a controversial plot wouldn’t be as striking without a formidable cast in command of their characters. As the series reaches its “Final Blow,” here’s a compilation of everyone’s best, shining moments in the series worthy of a standing ovation.

Alexa Ilacad

In this scene with Rita (Yam Concepcion) and Tupe (Gerald Anderson), Hannah (Alexa)’s emotions were so moving, so palpable that it was hard not to cry with her. There was anger in the beginning as she confronted Rita for always sticking around even when she has no reasons of loving Tupe. Soon erupted her pain, unravelling the history of Tupe choosing Rita over his own family and how that decision almost killed him. It circled back to frustrations, begging her brother to at least have a little sense of respect by staying away from a married woman who wouldn’t love him back. Then it ended in despair. The chaos of Alexa’s emotions was so real, it hurt the viewers.

Gab Lagman


More than his ‘kilig’ moments with Alexa, Gab captured viewers with his intense confrontation scenes mostly with Boom Labrusca, playing his father. In this scene, Kiko (Gab)’s eyes were burning with anger as he boldly made a choice between love and family. No one could silence his rage that he shouted at his Lav (Boom), making a stand to protect Hannah and side with the truth.

Albie Casiño and Kate Alejandrino

Albie Casiño is charming and effective as Raymond, Rita’s gay best friend. And when his flawless performance is combined with Kate Alejandrino’s fearless personality as Meggy, the result is always entertaining. In this scene, Rita’s distressing situation was the core of drama, but as soon as Raymond and Meggy shared their promises to their ‘inaanak,’ the scene became so touching, it gave us a good cry.  

Tetchie Agbayani

Confrontations don’t always have to be loud. At times, the most silent ones can be more powerful, moving, and at the same time intimidating. Tetchie and JM De Guzman complemented each other‘s acting brilliance as mother and son. Their most gripping scene, an emotional confrontation before Olivia (Tetchie) died in her sleep, was appreciated for being raw and quiet but with undeniable weight. No one was screaming but both of them concocted the right blend of all sorts of emotions – from anger to frustrations, sadness, and regret. Olivia begged Peterson (JM) to isolate himself from Rita but he didn’t want to, as if his wife was his only reason to breathe. And Peterson choosing his wife over her was the most extreme maternal insult Olivia dreaded to receive.     

Aleck Bovick

From start to finish, Celia (Aleck) ran a stretch of emotions. Sometimes she’s nagging and cold, at other days broken and nurturing. She shined best in the scene where Celia saw Rita for the first time in the hospital wounded and bruised after Peterson’s abuse. She captured a mother’s pain seeing her child in a devastating state. She looked so crushed, offended that the human she brought to life was physically and emotionally damaged; and as a mother, she felt helpless that she couldn’t do any repair.

Gerald Anderson

This is a confession scene that concocts the right blend of drama and kilig, thanks to Gerald’s leading man charm. His character, Tupe, gave an emotional monologue about loving Rita – from then ‘til now.

Yam Concepcion

In all Yam’s excellent performances in the series, the scene where she miscarried was exceptionally believable. Rita screamed out of fear and excruciating pain; and it seemed so naturalistic how she approached the tension leading to that moment where she saw blood coming out of her own body. It was interspersed with Tupe’s scene where he lost his mom to depression. It started with him enduring his broken arm, then shifting to shock and drama as he checked on his mother. So much was happening that it’s heartbreaking to watch.

The aftermath of the trending “Battered Wife” scene was just as intense. Peterson tried to soothe the conflict with Rita in front of Baby Margaret’s grave. It was mellow in the beginning until Rita removed her facemask to reveal her wounds and bruises. Her tear fell right on cue and soon Peterson was crying as well. It was achingly satisfying as Rita finally had the courage to step out of the abusive marriage.

JM De Guzman

If one criteria of an effective acting performance is wild viewers’ reaction, this would definitely make it to the list. In the “Battered Wife” episode, Yam gave us pain, sympathy, and fear while JM gave us extreme ‘gigil.’ In this scene, Rita entered the room walking on eggshells, scared to push the wrong buttons as Peterson was driven by jealousy and vague assumptions. Rita’s eyes and body, albeit fragile, spoke volumes of terror. Soon Peterson’s violence took over and he brutally assaulted a very pregnant Rita. His performance was raw and effective, so much it was bone-breaking to watch.

Gerald, Yam, and JM

The show’s torchbearers are compelling individually and as pairs. But when together in a single scene, Gerald, Yam, and JM triple the intensity of the drama. The much-awaited confrontation scene among them gave viewers a full range of emotions, that some just couldn’t look away while others couldn’t help but feel proud of how much they’ve evolved as artists. In this scene, Rita stirred sympathy and sadness while talking to Peterson, who elicited anger and terror as he begged for another chance to fix their marriage. Tupe arrived to ensure his greatest enemy’s suffering. His calmness was heartbreaking, paving the way for Peterson to unleash his character’s horrible persona.

The confrontation was quiet but laced with venom and we can only wonder how intense and violent the coming scenes will be. Don’t miss the Init Sa Magdamag “Final Blow on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.