Init Insights: Lessons about love and marriage we learned from Init Sa Magdamag

Kapamilya series Init Sa Magdamag will take a bow leaving a lasting impact on the viewers. It was more than just a scorching sexy-drama series. The plot, intriguing in itself, was made more relevant by infusing subtle discussions about important social issues; also, lessons about love that especially married couples can apply in real life.

Don’t ignore the red flags

Rita (Yam Concepcion) and Peterson (JM De Guzman)’s relationship was interesting in the beginning. Here’s an alpha male who patiently pursued an ordinary, struggling woman. Everything spelled romance and redemption until Peterson started to act cold, distant, and totally disrespectful. There was also a lack of intimacy. He was quick to act jealous. He would dismiss her explanations, always in a bad mood. He started hitting her. But all these red flags, Rita ignored, even making excuses for her husband’s behavior. She stayed trying to fix the relationship despite her strong intuition. Eventually, her denial crystallized into a bigger suffering. 

Date nights are of great moments

Although a busy woman, Rita made an effort to keep the intimacy and bond in their relationship. If they couldn’t go out, then she’d take the romance in their own home like what she did when she prepared a special anniversary dinner for Peterson

Protect the marriage from in-law problems

In-law problems are common – even in the most plain sailing relationships. But there are also helpful ways to consider when such dilemmas arise like making sure you’re on the same page with your spouse and knowing your territory while keeping mutual respect. In a scene, Rita talked how she embraced the fact that marrying Peterson also means marrying his mother, Olivia (Tetchie Agbayani). But even if Olivia kept on trying to invade the marriage, Rita knew how to draw the line and respectfully express her viewpoints. Later on, Peterson took Rita’s side when Olivia questioned their decision to undergo IVF, teaching us that in-laws’ expectations are easily solved when spouses are on the same side of the game. 

Be open about the past

Oblivious to the past, Peterson tapped Tupe (Gerald Anderson) to be Rita’s sperm donor. Rita also didn’t want to come clean about her past relationship with Tupe. That’s why conflict heightened when Peterson discovered that his chosen sperm donor used to be his wife’s great love.

You also need a support system

While privacy is important for a husband and wife, it helps to find a community/support system or just a few people to talk to. It’s also important that these people are fair. In the beginning, Rita was stuck in her dilemma about child-rearing and other marital problems. For her, it was a shame to tell others that the intimacy waned and Peterson was starting to hint at his violent tendencies. When she finally became more open about the issues, thanks to her best friends Raymond (Albie Casiño) and Meggy (Kate Alejandrino), Rita found herself in a new world where there’s support and strength to stand up for herself.

Inner peace is crucial

While fights are common among couples, it must not lead to fear in a relationship that you notice yourself walking on eggshells. There was a time when Rita was too scared to move or speak because she might trigger Peterson’s anger even when she’s not doing anything wrong. There came a point when she dreaded approaching her own husband and going into their own home.

You can’t change a person

Rita used to make excuses for Peterson’s wrong behavior. She thought a child would repair the damage in their marriage and inspire him to love life all over again. But he never changed for the better; in fact, his behavior only got worse. So when Olivia called her, begging her to come home and fix Peterson, Rita said she couldn’t change him anymore. She said only Peterson could help himself.

Know when it’s time to let go

In Rita’s case, Peterson’s battering was the last signal to step out of the abusive marriage. Like Rita, most people would stay in a toxic and abusive relationship for many reasons such as love and the desire for a complete family. There was even a scene where Peterson said he knows Rita will always run back to him, forgive and forget because of her wish to have a complete family. Then again, Rita took the courage to end the relationship even if it was difficult and dangerous at first.

What love lesson did you get from Init Sa Magdamag? Don’t miss how Rita, Peterson, and Tupe’s tale of love ends in the “Final Blow” on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.