5 burning reasons why you should watch Init Sa Magdamag

The full and digital uncensored trailers of Init Sa Magdamag indeed created a hullaballoo in the worldwide web, as both have amassed various reactions upon seeing some of the scorching scenes that we’re going to expect once it premieres this coming April 19.

And while we are all waiting for its highly anticipated arrival on primetime television, here are five burning reasons why you should watch it!

Yam Concepcion’s first bida role

In her eight years as a TV actress, we’ve already seen Yam portray different roles that absolutely showed her versatility and brilliance as a thespian. As she’s often tapped as the kontrabida, we’re indeed delighted to know that she will be playing the main protagonist in this sexy drama.

5 burning reasons why you should watch Init Sa Magdamag 1

She’s bound to mesmerize and endear us with her latest role as Rita, a self-driven woman and an aspiring nurse who does odd jobs, such as selling pirated DVDs, in order to make both ends meet and support her education. This is apparently far from those she had previously played as Rita is comparably more easygoing and admirable, yet still palaban.

5 burning reasons why you should watch Init Sa Magdamag 2

Besides, unlike the usual characters that Yam depicted, Rita wouldn’t be the one to beg for love since she is going to be the center of the love triangle that will make our evenings exciting and sweltering.

JM de Guzman and Gerald Anderson at their most intense performances

Like Yam, we’ve also witnessed JM and Gerald take on a number of different roles throughout their acting careers, making them among the most sought-after leading men in the country. But in Init Sa Magdamag, we’re going to see them in their most mature and most intense portrayals to date through their characters Peterson and Tupe, respectively.

5 burning reasons why you should watch Init Sa Magdamag 3

Gerald plays Tupe, the son of a corrupt government official who highly objects to his father’s crooked activities, but would later on find himself entangled in one of his crimes that would take a toll on his relationship with Rita. As compared to the previous characters he played, there is seemingly something more intense in Tupe that will surely make the viewers kilig.

5 burning reasons why you should watch Init Sa Magdamag 4

5 burning reasons why you should watch Init Sa Magdamag 5

On the other hand, JM is about to astound us with his most daring and more provocative role to date. He portrays Peterson Alvarez, a notorious aspiring politician who’s madly in love with Rita and would do anything in order to keep her by his side. He will grow possessive and obsessed towards her, especially when she becomes his wife.


The gripping narrative

Directed by seasoned director Raymund B. Ocampo and produced by Star Creatives, it revolves around the stories of Rita, Tupe, and Peter and their complicated and fiery love triangle marred with political drama and conflicting ambitions.

5 burning reasons why you should watch Init Sa Magdamag 6

In a series of chance meetings, Rita and Tupe, who seemingly used to be rivals in high school, will eventually fall in love. But their romance will be short-lived after Tupe gets involved in the corrupt activities of his government-official father (Joey Marquez), which will take a toll on their relationship.

5 burning reasons why you should watch Init Sa Magdamag 7

As she moves on from her boyfriend’s apparent disappearance, she’s going to find new love in with budding politician Peterson, who regards her as the primary reason of his becoming a changed man. However, things are going to get thorny as Tupe resurfaces after so many years and crosses paths with Rita again, who’s already married to Peterson. This reunion, as what we’ve seen in the trailer, would trigger Peter’s fury.


The intense, steamy scenes

Since Init Sa Magdamag is tagged as a sexy drama, we are surely going to expect both drama and racy scenes that will make the viewers kilig, shocked, cry, and excited, as well as have their hearts pierced in the scenes were going to see. So, you better brace yourselves for the spectacular rollercoaster of emotions that this primetime series will bring.

Aside from the drama that will be brought by the respective background stories of each characters and by their love triangle, the trailers – especially the digital uncensored version – have also teased us with steamy scenes of Yam with Gerald and JM that we probably have not seen in any teleseryes yet!


The powerhouse ensemble cast

Of course, just like any series or movies, Init Sa Magdamag would not be complete without the ensemble cast that will greatly help in bringing out the best in the respective performances of the lead actors and in putting extra flavor in the narrative.

5 burning reasons why you should watch Init Sa Magdamag 8

Joey Marquez, Lovely Rivero, Nikko Natividad, and Alexa Ilacad comprise the Salcedo Family, in which Gerald’s character Tupe is a part of. Meanwhile, the characters of Tetchie Agbayani, Rez Cortez, and Albie Casiño are apparently the key people surrounding JM’s Peterson.

On the other hand, Aleck Bovick, Gab Lagman, Mark Oblea, and Kate Alejandrino are going to be the main support system of Yam’s character Rita. Also, parts of the cast are Mica Javier and Apey Obera.

Init Sa Magdamag premieres on Monday, April 19 on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z Channel 11.