10 times Yam Concepcion championed women empowerment in Init Sa Magdamag

More than its scorching scenes and gripping drama, Init Sa Magdamag set the bar high as a progressive teleserye that spreads awareness on social issues including women empowerment.

The cape was handed to Yam Concepcion as she etched the character of struggling student-turned-politician Rita Macatangay. Let us look back on the scenes that spotlight Rita’s invincible strength and sense of independence, promoting women empowerment in this special feature from Init Sa Magdamag.



Rita had a difficult life as a young girl but she’s not one to let the past or even her present circumstances define her future. She worked doubly hard to pursue her dreams until she made it to the Nursing Board Exam as a self-supporting student.



She married Peterson (JM De Guzman), a man with big political ambitions. Despite her husband being domineering, Rita had a good run as the town’s first lady. She was a symbol of grace and substance and her voice mattered to the people. In a scene, Rita impressed when she spoke about strengthening the healthcare system by taking good care of the medical frontliners in their community during Peterson’s campaign. She was one of the reasons why Peterson became the champion of the masses.



So when forced to take over Peterson’s candidacy due to his accident, Rita won via landslide victory. She advanced gender equality and proved that women can also participate in society.



She wasn’t just an ordinary Congresswoman. Rita defied traditional politics by helping break the cycle of corruption in the town of Esperanza, even if it jeopardized her own husband and mother-in-law’s illegal activities. Rita’s sense of independence shined in that scene where she refused to join the more senior politicians in their shady activities, proving that she’s no one’s puppet.  



While dedicated to public service, Rita never lacked effort to take on her duties as Peterson’s beauteous wife. There was a scene where she prepared a special anniversary dinner for Peterson at home despite her busy schedule. The superwoman could juggle the household and the Congress. 



Even when her Cinderella story went a downward spiral, Rita proved she’s no damsel in distress. Viewers of Init Sa Magdamag felt for her when she suffered domestic abuse and almost lost her unborn baby. She took the courage to leave the relationship despite her fear and Peterson begging her to stay, proving herself a survivor.



There even came a point when Olivia (Tetchie Agbayani) pleaded her to come back home to fix Peterson’s brokenness, as if it was her fault. But as a woman, she took a stand that no one could tell her what to do especially if it compromises her safety and dignity. She knew she always had a choice.



Life as a single mother who survived abuse wasn’t a breeze. Yet, Rita decided that she’d be enough for her son and she had the power to stay strong for herself. She made a tough decision to function through the pain and trauma and eventually move forward. “I choose to rise above all these para sa sarili ko at para sa magiging anak ko,” she declared. Luckily, she had Tupe (Gerald Anderson), Meggy (Kate Alejandrino), and Raymond (Albie Casiño) to help her in her journey.



Motherhood helped Rita build strength, independence, and resilience that she was able to muster the courage to face Peterson in a court battle. Her ex-husband was trying to distort the truth and ask for sole custody over Baby Andrew unless she decides to come back to him. But Rita said she will never commit again to the man who treated her with disrespect.



And there’s nothing more empowering than a woman taking the big leap to rebuild herself after her world turned upside down. After surviving her abusive marriage, Rita decided to move into a new house to start fresh.

Everyone is rooting for Rita’s much-deserved happiness. Watch how her story ends in the Init Sa Magdamag The Final Blow on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.