Music, sports, gaming – here’s what’s inside JM De Guzman’s condo

They say that one’s crib reflects that person’s personality. After all, it’s where we can totally be ourselves and be free from judgment. Looking around JM De Guzman’s condo unit, which looks like a music and sports haven, we can say that the actor is pretty much a combination of chill and intense. Check out his condo tour in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

JM started the tour inside his bedroom. There is a nook housing his vinyl collection featuring artists like Jeff Buckley, John Mayer, Nirvana, and The Smiths. He’s also into computer games.

From there, he showed his ‘time machine’ which Yam Concepcion helped him set up. When he wants to keep it chill and comfy, he would relax on his bed and turn the music on. JM also plays the guitar and he’s learning to master the piano.

He next showed the busiest part of the condo – the living area that transforms into a music pad by the evening and sports/gym facility during the day. Albie Casino was at JM’s condo that day, just beefing up his physique by lifting weights. The mini gym is complete with equipment for boxing and mixed martial arts. There’s also a treadmill keeping JM’s endorphins up.

But his most favorite part of the place is the corner housing his trophies. “To remind myself to be humble and work harder,” he said.

 Check out the video for JM’s ‘astig’ condo tour.