Hugots overload as Albie and Kate tackle love dilemmas via “Susuko o Lalaban” Challenge

Newest Kapamilya series Init sa Magdamag heaped instant praises since the release of its teasers. The buzz grew all the more when it premiered last Monday, April 19. With a theme anchored on passionate love, we ask two of its stars – Albie Casino and Kate Alejandrino – to flex their love wisdom via “Susuko o Lalaban” Challenge for Kapamilya Chat.

Albie and Kate are given relationship scenarios and they would gauge whether it’s worth holding on to or letting go.

The first situation was about a controlling partner. Without second thoughts, Albie decided it is worth raising the white flag, “I need my freedom. The more na ikulong mo ako, the more na gusto kong lumabas.” Besides, he needs someone who can keep up with the demands of his profession. For an actor who inevitably takes on intimate scenes, a closed-minded, controlling girl will only make his life miserable.  Kate also discussed the need to respect personal space in a relationship.

On a partner who doesn’t change his/her ways, Albie thought it would be fine to stay, “Okay lang na hindi siya nagbabago basta hindi papangit nang papangit. Parang mas okay nga, eh. At least, alam mo na, hindi ka na magugulat.” Kate explored another situation wherein the person refuses to change his bad habits. In that case, she thought it’s best to leave, saying “Once is enough.”

The guests carefully analyzed the next scenario which is about lack of time. Albie considered it on a case-to-case basis. He’d be more open as long as there’s a valid reason behind it, citing specific examples like busyness in school or at work, “Dapat gets mo ‘yun. Bigyan mo ng space.”

Based on her answers, Kate is an independent woman who needs space to do her own thing. She said she isn’t the type to talk to her partner from time to time, considering that the other person has priorities as well. Albie, on the other hand, will give an update about his activities and whereabouts once in a while “Minsan sabay na ‘yun, isang text sa Nanay, isa sa girlfriend,” he quipped.

On a romance disapproved by many, Kate kept it real, “Lalaban! My gosh! Relationship ko naman ‘to, hindi sa inyo. You don’t know what’s best for me. I know what’s best for me. Gano’n!”

“Hindi ko alam. Minsan, hindi mo nakikita ‘yung mali, eh,” Albie gauged the dilemma. He ended up choosing ‘Lalaban’ but with reservations, “Siguro hindi die-hard ‘yung paglaban ko. Depende rin kasi kung sino ‘yung nagsasabi.”

Albie had an intriguing answer when asked if love would be enough to keep a person who’s not good for you. He said, “Parang sa akin ngayon. Hindi, joke lang.” He continued, “Isusuko ko na! Ngayon!” Meanwhile, if you can relate to his scenario, here’s Kate’s advice: “Suko na. Tama na, girl. Huwag mo nang saktan sarili mo.”

The next question was about a common relationship dilemma – broken promises. Without blinking an eye, they opted for ‘Susuko,’ saying breaking or keeping a promise is always a choice.

If a relationship doesn’t spark joy, Albie and Kate thought it’s no excuse to give up, noting that love is not always smooth-sailing. Partners normally go through unhappy times.

On dealing with a liar, Kate mentioned that white lies won’t be a big deal. But Albie believes otherwise, pointing out that even the smallest lie can breed bigger problems in the long run, “Diyan nagsisimula ‘yan, eh. Ang hirap mo nang pagkatiwalaan and that’s so important in a relationship. Maaaning na ako to the max diyan, eh. Huwag ka nang magulat masunog ‘pag naghahanap ka ng apoy.”

Catch more love ‘hugots’ from Albie and Kate in Init sa Magdamag, weeknights after Huwag Kang Mangamba, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.