Hotspot: Albie Casiño, Kate Alejandrino bare juicy details about Init Sa Magdamag co-stars

A week after the pilot episode of ABS-CBN’s newest romance drama Init sa Magdamag, viewers arguably couldn’t keep their attentions off of the hot and intense scenes it delivers every weeknight. And apart from the impressive chemistry of its stars Yam Concepcion and Gerald Anderson as Rita and Tupe, we also found ourselves amused with the characters of Meggy and Raymund, played by Kate Alejandrino and Albie Casiño. 

In the latest episode of Hotspot, the two actors joined DJ Jhai Ho for a fun and insightful chikahan as they shared some of their experiences in being part of the series.

Their conversation commenced with Albie imparting that he didn’t really expect that people would give that much appreciation and support for the series since the pilot episode since it was actually just an introduction of the characters and of the plot. That’s why he is excited for how the audience would react once the scenes and episodes get more scorching and intense. The same goes for Kate who’s also very excited to see the reception of the people for the upcoming episodes and twists of the story that are yet to be unveiled.

And because of the current situation, the setup of work for actors like Albie and Kate had changes in it as well. For Kate, she personally likes it because she found it easier since everything they have to do was already written on the script and all they had to do was to flesh out what was required in a certain scene. Albie also likes it, but what he considers a con are the reshoots because when they had to do retake, there were good parts that couldn’t be included in the final shoot anymore.

Aside from that, they also had to do several adjustments for the new normal taping as they had to observe the required health protocols, such as undergoing swab tests in every cycle of their lock-in tapings. Kate said that while it was a different experience for her, she actually didn’t feel that there was COVID during the whole process because she felt very safe in their bubble. Meanwhile, Albie already had a couple of lock-in tapings since the height of the pandemic and in his first project, the protocols were really strict. For instance, they were not allowed to see their co-actors had to only stay in their rooms.

Since most of us were forced to stay at home because of the pandemic, Kate got very excited when she was offered the role in the series because she’d been wanting to do something creative after a very long time of just staying at home. Thus, she’s very grateful to Star Creatives for giving her the opportunity to join the cast of the series, as well as to their directors for mentoring and guiding her through their constructive criticisms. 

Albie, on the other hand, actually doesn’t mind whatever role is being given to him because if he just continues to portray hunk or bad boy type of characters, it would be boring.

When it comes to their characters, Albie shared that he really enjoyed playing Raymund because his and Kate’s character are like the comic relief in the series. But when asked who among their co-actors they would like to switch roles with if given the chance, he told DJ Jhai Ho that he would love to portray JM De Guzman’s role Peterson. Meanwhile, it would be interesting for Kate to be Kapitana, who the viewers are yet to meet in the next episodes. 

They then went on to disclose some trivia about the two leading men, with Albie sharing that Gerald actually drinks a lot of soft drinks, while Kate revealed how JM is so fond of pancit canton.

Lastly, Kate shared her skin care routine, which she described as ‘short but trustworthy’. First, she uses a gentle cleanser, then applies toner, followed by serum and sunscreen. She also uses her jade roller to remove the puffiness on her cheeks and face. For those who are not confident with their skin, Kate said that the things that happen on their skin is normal and it happens to everyone that’s why they should not let it eat them up.

And when asked what her advice is for those who also dream to join the entertainment industry, Kate said they have to believe in themselves and do everything to get it. “Dream big and believe that you will make it happen,” Kate advised, adding that you also have to always stay grounded. “And listen to your parents, they give the best advice”.

Catch Albie Casiño and Kate Alejandrino in Init sa Magdamag, weeknights after Huwag Kang Mangamba, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z Channel 11.