5 kilig moments of Hannah and Kiko that made us swoon in Init Sa Magdamag

She’s a rebel girl. He’s a good guy. But their differences are exactly what make Hannah (Alexa Ilacad) and Kiko (Gab Lagman) a potential match. They complement each other despite the endless bickering.  In this Friday 5 feature, we rounded up the scenes of Hannah and Kiko that make their chemistry and budding romance shine in the Kapamilya series Init Sa Magdamag.

It’s not every day that a kind stranger will save you from trouble akin to a superhero. And the bonus part is him being so handsome. That’s why Hannah was attracted to Kiko during their first encounter wherein he beat an ex-flame bothering her.

Hannah’s world lighted up and moved in slow motion. She wanted to know her savior and even asked him to drop by her shop so she can reward his heroism. But the feeling wasn’t mutual. While Hannah was struck by Cupid’s arrow, Kiko seems annoyed by her presence.

Headstrong and in love, she made a way to cross his path by stalking him. Like the first time they met, fireworks smoldered around Hannah’s world when she saw Kiko, who she nicknamed ‘pogi.’ She ran after his vehicle, slipped, and suffered from falling on her knee. The things we do for love!

We knew destiny doesn’t sleep when the two met again, without Hannah’s effort. Overjoyed to see her crush, Hannah made a move to introduce herself to Kiko, who called her a stalker and a swindler. She didn’t mind at all and even pulled off more ‘pa-cute’ antics to win his attention, and maybe his heart as well. It didn’t work, though.

Hannah’s clumsiness caused them to bump into each other and drop their things. They accidentally picked up the wrong money envelopes, leading Hannah to absolution and Kiko to a series of misfortune. He was accused of stealing his boss’ money while she was able to pay her debt.

Hannah failed to return Kiko’s money on time, so he was kicked out from his work and apartment. Without anyone to run to, and blaming Hannah for his bad luck, Kiko went to her shop to tell her what happened.

Guilty and at the same time wishing to get near him, Hannah volunteered to help Kiko and take him in. Ending this video is the scene wherein Kiko struggled to sleep because of Hannah’s loud snoring. He examined her face, inched closer and almost kissed her.

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