Petersons intense obsession with Rita

Romantic love becomes difficult when one party involved in a relationship chooses to behave with too much jealousy. And once it crystallizes into obsession, that love eventually turns suffocating, scary, and borderline dangerous. This kind of intense passion is depicted in the teleserye Init Sa Magdamag through the character of Peterson (JM de Guzman), whose love for Rita (Yam Concepcion) mirrors fear and control, shown in this Kapamilya Toplist.

The first sign of intense possessiveness shown by Peterson is his extreme jealousy. Love, they say, becomes unhealthy when no longer liberating. Peterson’s behavior is driven by anxiety, so much so he easily gets suspicious of Rita despite her assurance. He can go wild just seeing her talking to another guy even if she’s repeatedly explained that her intrapersonal affairs are only part of her job as a Congresswoman. Their arguments would often spark his aggressive habit of throwing things. 

Peterson’s desire to accelerate their married life also speaks about his obsession with Rita. He pressures her into bearing a child, through IVF due to his reproductive incapacity, despite her valid request to take things slow, unaware that his eagerness is rooted in the fear of losing her. He somewhat believes that having kids is an assurance of exclusivity, a guarantee that she will not leave him. 

Rita asked for more time to think about the procedures, coming from a past trauma of miscarriage. But, instead of being understanding, Peterson resorted to gaslighting. He trivialized her emotions, accusing her of making up dramas to avoid the real issue. 

Peterson doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. He gets irrational when mad and he needs to dig up his illusions just to have something to blame his misery for. There was a scene wherein he made up thoughts about Rita’s half-hearted decision to undergo IVF procedures, wrapped up in his ‘praning’ assumptions. He thought Rita refrains from getting pregnant so she could still be men’s fantasy. And when she acted confused where the extreme theories were coming from, he spitted hurtful words onto his own wife.   

It feels flattering when your partner acts sweet towards you in front of other people. But, in the case of Peterson who can’t go easy on PDA (Public Display of Affection), his actions start to make Rita feel uncomfortable. There was a scene wherein he got drunk and kissed her seductively in front of Tupe (Gerald Anderson)’s group. He also didn’t shy away from locking lips with Rita, in front of Tupe. It’s as if telling the world that he owns the woman. 

Another warning sign of Peterson’s obsessive love is hiring someone to stalk his own wife, scared that she might be cheating on him. So, all hell breaks loose when he finds out about Rita and Tupe’s past relationship. He was insanely mad, although it was a valid reaction to Rita keeping a secret from him.
Now that Peterson has faced the biggest shock of his life, he will surely make sure everything is still under his control – especially Rita. Don’t miss an episode of the hit drama series Init Sa Magdamag on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.