Init Sa Magdamag  pilot week

Just on its pilot week, Init Sa Magdamag has already succeeded in making our primetime viewing scorching and thrilling through the scenes we have seen on its initial five episodes!

Yam Concepcion has immediately enamored us with her captivating beauty and perky yet fierce personality as Rita Macatangay, an aspiring nurse who produces and sells pirated DVDs as her way of supporting not just herself and her studies, but her family as well as the sole breadwinner. Although what she does is illegal, she still firmly stands by her principles.

The same goes for Gerald Anderson who instantly got us smitten with his irresistible charm as the seemingly happy-go-lucky yet smart medical student Christopher “Tupe” Salcedo who loves his cherished, trusty motorbike named Brittany so much.

Rita and Tupe weren’t only introduced on the first episode, but also intertwined because of a series of quirky and little accidents that, little did they know, would lead them closer to one another. First was when Tupe almost hit her while she and her best friend Meggy were walking, which infuriated her and made her hurl a stone on his motorcycle, and second was when she was trying to escape from the police officers who were searching for her because of her pirated DVD business and she unexpectedly bumped into Tupe outside her dormitory.



Because of his incessant prodding, the police officers caught Rita, entangling Tupe. As both of them were brought to jail, he was able to finally recognize her as his childhood friend “Poknat” and used this to try persuading her and her “boyfriend” Raymund (Albie Casiño) to also pay for his bail – to no avail. While we all probably assumed that Rita and Raymund were indeed dating, we were surprised to find out that the latter is actually gay and only her best friend.

The following day, Rita was surprised to see Tupe in her room, who she later on found out as her new roommate. This was after he decided to live away from his family due to an altercation he had with his father Miguel (Joey Marquez), regarding his corrupt activities as the city engineer that are already taking a toll on the life of his younger sister Hannah (Alexa Ilacad) and their mom Helen (Lovely Rivero).



As expected, Rita was not happy with it and tried to persuade her landlady not to accept him, but Tupe assured that everything would be fine between them eventually. Of course, that immediately didn’t happen as they spent most of their time together bickering, which made the audiences kilig. Their cute squabbling turned into a heated argument when Tupe threw her DVDs as he cleaned their room, which absolutely angered Rita. 

This confrontation revealed the reason why she abhorred him so much, as Rita blamed him for her miserable life at present after she failed to secure a full scholarship because of only graduating as his salutatorian when they were still in high school.  

Prodded by his conscience knowing that it’s where Rita was relying to pay for her review center, Tupe was compelled to pawn Brittany to one of his friends in order to give Rita back her money. This was indeed a huge relief for Rita since her mom Celia (Aleck Bovick) asked additional financial help after her younger brother Kyle (Mark Oblea) impregnated his girlfriend.



Their quarrel finally ended when Rita further saw his kindness after Tupe saved Raymund from his boyfriend that got him wounded. She volunteered to treat him as her way of expressing her gratitude for everything that he has done for her. This rekindled their closeness, especially when they reminisced their high school days and Tupe teased her if she could be his “prom date”.

Tupe and Rita further got closer with one another as they both joined the outreach program organized by his physician-friend Dra. Jinky at a secluded area where three kids have already died because of an unknown illness then. Even though his fling Geraldine (Chie Filomeno) was also there, it did not hinder them from sharing a steamy, intimate moment at the falls. 



But that wonderful moment later on turn into distress after one of their young patients died due to meningitis and Rita unfortunately caught the disease. As her life was put in danger, Tupe was left with no choice but to seek the help of his father in order to pay for her hospital bills. They became a couple, but their beautiful days did not last that long as authorities were already on the lookout for their family after Miguel involved him in one of his and the city mayor’s illegal projects that would eventually put him in a terrible problem.



As what we’ve mentioned, Init Sa Magdamag has indeed succeeded in capturing the attention of the viewers. It showcased the refreshing pairing of Yam Concepcion and Gerald Anderson whose chemistry were indeed unmistakable, as well as another facet of Joey Marquez that’s truly different from the past father roles he took on. The same goes for Albie Casiño who, from swooning us as a dashing leading man, is now delighting us as Rita’s gay best friend Raymund. 

Not only these thespians beguiled us with their performances, but the rest of the ensemble cast as well, who are all doing a great job in portraying their respective roles. Of course, we should not miss to mention how great the story and how each scene were seamlessly executed, props to the Star Creatives production team headed by Creative Manager Henry Quitain and its brilliant directors Raymund B. Ocampo and Ian D. Loreños and talented pool of writers Generiza Reyes Francisco, Mary Ann Fampulme, and Mary Pearl Urtola.

With how impressed its pilot week was, some viewers of Init Sa Magdamag couldn’t help but share their sentiments on Twitter while watching it. In fact, the hashtag for the opening night #InitNgUnangGabi made it to the local top trending topics of the said social media platform. Here are some of the rave tweets we’ve spotted:


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