REVIEW: Impressive start for “Ikaw Lang ang Iibigin”

While its first episode provided context to their respective journeys in this novel tale about triathletes, the continuing narrative touches on the heartwarming, delightful first encounters between our lead protagonists.

Through it all, Ikaw Lang ang Iibigin, has really made a rousing start with its first two episodes and has truly become a very charming and likeable series viewers can look forward to each Prime Tanghali on ABS-CBN

The young Bianca (Francine Diaz) and Gabriel (Yogo Singh) have already ignited that kilig fare this early—quite a proper prelude to those electrifying moments Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson will eventually share portraying those characters.

Both teen actors played those roles impeccably not merely as young stand-ins for Kim and Gerald, but giving out impressive, believable and well-personified renditions of the characters themselves with the same kilig feel. Watching them, it won’t be hard for Kim and Gerald to take over as the warmth and intimacy of the two characters have been established by their teen counterparts.

The same goes for the young Carlos (Luke Alford), whose equally impressive performance offers a good transition to Jake Cuenca’s depiction of the character.

Simply put, casting for these young versions of the main characters of the teleserye was spot on.

Storytelling, as what other Dreamscape dramas have proven, has been transfixing. You would witness the characters and their clear significance to the story in a grand manner.  How characters are developed and positioned are well-presented, giving viewers all the reasons to stay glued and witness how the characters’ plight and destiny are played out.

From Bianca’s mother Maila’s (Bing Loyzaga) fervent desire to push Bianca to her limits as a young athlete to Carlos’ father Roman’s (Michael de Mesa) unreasonable and cruel desire for excellence that drove his son’s own selfish designs for greatness, the characters in this drama and the teleserye itself are brilliantly crafted to draw much interest—not only to Kimerald fans.

Not to mention, how Gabriel is much loved and cared for by his Lola Lydia (Gina Pareno) shows the kind of genuine love and concern for others, especially Bianca. Indeed how these characters will develop, transition, and intertwine would be absolutely breathtaking.

Above all, with the story about sports and competition, viewers will definitely find it exhilarating and exciting, adding to its worthwhile appeal, throughout its entire run on air.

Directors Onat Diaz and Dan Villegas took it even further with well-executed scenes, in terms of orchestrating exceptional thespic delivery and overseeing remarkable creative components, such as scenic cinematography and production design, catchy musical score and theme song (with teen star Maris Racal singing “Paano Mo Nalaman?,” a Tagalog version of Gary V’s “How Did You Know?”) and an emotive script.

With the show’s official hashtags emerging as top trending topics, netizens are likewise impressed with these first episodes of the show and excited about how Ikaw Lang ang Iibigin will turn out.










— Gheeeelokie (@ghelokie_lyn) April 30, 2017