Jake plots revengae against Gerald on Christmas Day in “Ikaw Lang ang Iibigin”

Even Christmas cannot stop Carlos (Jake Cuenca) from getting his revenge on Gabriel (Gerald Anderson) as he continues with his plans of taking his brother down in “Ikaw Lang ang Iibigin.”

In his continuous effort to destroy his brother’s life, Carlos frames up Gabriel in the stealing of a bag of diamonds worth millions of pesos from a notorious syndicate.

This will cause chaos in Gabriel’s Christmas celebration with his family as the syndicate breaks into and wrecks their home to retrieve the precious gems, putting Gabriel’s family in danger.

Even as Carlos’ plans seem to fall into place, he still has to deal with constant despair after his wife Isabel (Coleen Garcia) had an unfortunate miscarriage. This drives him to be even more determined to regain everything Gabriel took from him and win back the trust of his father.

How will Gabriel escape from danger? Will Carlos succeed with his plans?

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