Kapamilya Toplist: 10 times Isabel expressed her love for Carlos in 'Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin'

They say that once you love someone, you love them forever because you don’t just stop loving. You either always will, or you never did in the first place. In “Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin,” Isabel (Coleen Garcia) proves this to be true. No doubt, she still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend and colleague, Carlos (Jake Cuenca). Even though they already broke up a long time ago, she obviously still cares for him. In today’s Kapamilya Toplist, let us look back and list down the 10 times she expressed her love for him in the daytime drama series.

1. Isabel recalled her past with Carlos when she asked him if he was starting to fall in love with his protegé, Bianca (Kim Chiu).

2. When Isabel confronted Carlos, she got hurt when he told her that what they have is merely a professional relationship and that he doesn’t love her anymore.

3. Isabel showed concern for Carlos when she noticed that his decisions at work that involved Bianca were starting to become personal.

4. When Isabel overheard the conversation of Carlos and Simeon (Juan Miguel Severo) about what Carlos did for Bianca, she reminded him about their past and that he never did that to her.

5. Isabel had a great plan so she could spend time with Carlos. She prepared a sumptuous dinner at her home and then she texted him that there’s an emergency, hoping that he would immediately rush to her.

6. When Carlos was drinking alone at a bar, Isabel went to him to comfort him. Even though he didn’t ask her, she accompanied him and assured him that she’s always there for him.

7. Because Carlos was too drunk, Isabel brought him to her place. They were about to make love when he suddenly decided to leave, making her very frustrated.

8. Overhearing another conversation of Carlos and Simeon, Isabel told Carlos that he just doesn’t know when to give up. He retorted that she was being a hypocrite because she is still hoping they’d get back together.

9. Isabel and Carlos had a heated argument because he felt that she was doing everything to sabotage Bianca. She defended herself by telling him that she only presented facts to his father and was only doing her job.

10. When Isabel went to the office of Carlos to make him realize how he made her feel along, their conversation became very emotional. She once again begged for his love and in exchange, she would do anything he would want her to do.

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