6 Most ‘Kilig Paandars’ of Gabriel for Bianca in ‘Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin’

They say that there are million ways to show someone you love them, whether through grand surprises or just simple ways. In the daytime drama series “Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin,” Gabriel (Gerald Anderson) has expressed his love for Bianca (Kim Chiu) through numerous romantic gestures. Today, let us look back and list down the 6 most kilig paandars he did for her so far that men all over the world should do for their significant others.



Gabriel surprised Bianca with a romantic picnic dinner date just for the two of them. With the help of Olsen (Nicco Manalo) and his family, he prepared empanada, barbecue, isaw, and pansit for her. He was about to confess his true feelings for her, but he chickened out. When the rain suddenly poured, they had a sweet moment as they shared an umbrella.



While Bianca was tutoring her brother Jay-Jay (Grae Fernandez), Gabriel dropped by to give her some balloons. When he was about to confess his feelings again, Bianca informed him that she wasn’t allowed to be in a relationship because of an agreement she had with Carlos (Jake Cuenca). He then assured her that he’s willing to wait for her and that he wouldn’t be a distraction.



When Bianca was feeling down because of all the problems she was going through in her life, Gabriel made her smile again after giving her a heart-shaped balloon. He also reminded her that she shouldn’t be defeated by these trials and that she should just keep on looking up because she would soon fly again and reach all of her dreams.



While reminiscing the time when they were still children, Gabriel did a simple but sweet gesture for Bianca. He got a balloon from the other table and gave it to her. She then teased him that he was corny, he replied, “Corny nga, pogi naman.” When she went home, she opened up to her best friend, Marilyn (Via Antonio), about her doubts about getting into a relationship. Marilyn gave an advice that she should ask for a sign, and that if he would give her something white, he was the right guy for her.



Gabriel went to Bianca’s house to fetch her for their hiking trip. On their way up to the mountain, he assisted her and made sure that she’s okay. He made another romantic gesture when he plucked some white flowers and gave it to her.



When they reached the top of the mountain, Bianca was overjoyed to see the surprise of Gabriel for her. With the help of Olsen and his loved ones, he filled the place with white balloons, a sign she asked for from up above. Upon realizing that he was the right man for her and it was the right time, she finally accepted his offer to be his girlfriend. They expressed their love for each other and shared a romantic kiss.


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