I Feel U: Zaijan Jaranilla, Makisig Morales, Bugoy Carino talk about young and sweet love!

While nothing beats the ‘kilig’ of a young love, entering a relationship early brings a handful of challenges. But once survived, these tests can also strengthen a couple’s love for each other and make them realize why it’s always worth the fight.

The episode opens with a short interview with Melanie Dilao and Jade Aquino, a young couple from Iloilo. They’ve been together for almost five years, starting out as campus sweethearts. “Nagkakilala po kami 2013 during college days. Naging magkaibigan po kami. ‘Yung circle of friends namin iisa,” said Melanie.

“Dahil po iisa ‘yung circle of friends namin, parang lumiit ‘yung mundo namin at mas nakilala namin ang isa’t isa. Kahit hindi pa kami mag-on dati parang iba na talaga ‘yung sweetness, eh. Tinutukso kami sa classroom at ‘yun nagkatotoo,” Jade added.

After graduation, the lovebirds worked as teachers in Thailand. Since their jobs were affected by the pandemic, Melanie and Jade decided to put up a milk tea shop in the province just last March, at the peak of the crisis.  

What makes their milk tea business unique is the use of bamboo cups instead of the regular plastic cups. This way, they can also help the local workers in their community and promote sustainability.

“Since nahirapan kaming mag-biyahe, we opted to put up Darling’s Milk Tea, so to help in our everyday finances, para maka-save at makatulong sa pamilya. Above all, gusto namin makatulong sa mga local workers kasi kasama ‘yung tatay ko at mga local workers sa pag-provide sa amin ng bamboo cups that we’re using sa Darling’s Milk Tea,” Jade shared.

The bamboo cups can be re-used and recycled as well. It can be used as plant pots, pencil holders, or just any kind of container.  

The couple didn’t have a difficult time venturing into business. “Mas naging madali po siya kasi couple na kami. Na-establish na ‘yung love, trust, and commitment. So, ‘yung gagawin na lang namin is to pass it through sa business namin,” said Melanie.

Jade mentioned that managing a business with a partner is all about wise decision-making. There are times when the different ideas clash but they still manage to find a common ground. As their business grows, their relationship grows as well. 


Zaijan Jaranilla

The child superstar who brought us the iconic character of Santino is now all-grown up and is ready to take his acting chops to the next level. Zaijan Jaranilla is playing as a teenage gay in the movie “Boyette (Not a girl, yet).”

While Zaijan isn’t a stranger to the ins and outs of filmmaking, his portrayal as Boyette brought him exciting new challenges. With an intriguing title and plot, the movie will showcase Zaijan’s versatility as an actor as he takes the leap from an innocent boy to a teenage gay.

Zaijan is grateful to the Kapamilya Network for entrusting him his first titular role and for taking care of his career since his first appearance in the 2009 series May Bukas Pa.

Growing up in the public eye had both its ups and downs. On its pitfalls, Zaijan said that he didn’t have a normal childhood. He couldn’t even go to the mall without limitations.

On the bright side, the responsibilities as the family’s breadwinner at a young age shaped his mature perspective about life. “Mas maaga kong naintindihan ang mga bagay-bagay… Simula bata ako hanggang ngayon, nasa isip ko talaga na kailangan ko silang tulungan,” he said. Helping in his family’s finances is a big part of Zaijan’s motivation to stay in showbiz.

Asked if love has already made him cry, the 19-year-old actor smiled and said ‘yes.’ He then talked about his first break-up and how a good support system helped him move on easily. “’Yung mga kaibigan ko, sobrang supportive po nila sa akin. ‘Yung mga gusto ko parang sinasakyan na lang po nila. After a few weeks, parang hindi ko na siya naiisip sa isang buong araw,” Zaijan shared.

After the heartache comes the lesson. The experience made Zaijan realize that falling in love is easy but the real challenge comes with staying in love. “Parang madali lang magsawa,” he added.

Zaijan also admits to having a non-showbiz girlfriend for one year and one month.  And he thinks he’s found the one! “Parang siya na ‘yung gusto kong makasama hanggang sa pagtanda. Kasi sobrang understanding po niya tapos nagkakasundo po kami sa lahat ng bagay. ‘Yung mga friends ko, friends niya na rin. Tapos ‘yung family niya, close na rin po kami. Ang hirap nang makita ‘yung sarili ko sa ibang babae,” he said.

As a boyfriend, Zaijan gives more weight to privacy than social media posts. He isn’t the jealous type as well. When asked how Gen-Zs like him view relationships, Zaijan said that most people his age are affected by how social media depicts modern love.

“Sa panahon po ngayon, ‘yung mga ka-edaran ko po, sobrang taas na po ng mga standards nila pagdating sa ganyan. Kasi po ‘yung mga nakikita nila sa social media,” he said. But Zaijan stressed that the youth must not be blinded by these unspoken rules.

“In reality, hindi mo naman ‘yun makukuha. So, maging kuntento ka na lang kung sino ‘yung mga nagmamahal sa’yo at nag-aapreciate sa’yo. Siyempre darating naman ‘yung right person,” Zaijan added.


Makisig Morales

The Kapamilya talent competition Little Big Star opened doors for Makisig Morales in 2005. The singing charmer ventured into acting and became one of his generation’s child superstars. After quite a long time in showbiz, he migrated with his family to Australia in 2014 after doing the Kapamilya series Mirabella.”  Makisig, now 23, is already a married man.

Makisig was last seen in the fantaserye Bagani in 2018. He then went back to Australia to live a happy, simple life with his wife and family. He said that moving to Australia was a family decision. They just fell in love with the place and thought it would be better to stay there.

Makisig and Nicole Joson met in the Philippines. They tied the knot in January 2019 in Australia where Nicole was also born and raised. People say that getting married at a young age is like leaving a party early. But the former child wonder doesn’t mind missing out as long as he’s with his wife.

“At a young age po parang mas nagiging open na kami habang bata pa on what to expect in the future. Lahat ng challenges na dumadating sa amin, kaming dalawa na ang humaharap po,” he said.

Baby plans pop up in random conversations. But savings and a new house remain their top priorities. The couple manages an online food business called “NikMak” in Sydney. They are hands-on from food preparation to delivery. The business is doing well and, thankfully, life in Australia is slowly going back to normal.

Makisig clarified that he will never leave showbiz. He just decided to slow down to be with his family. From being a child superstar in the Philippines to a married man in Sydney, Makisig said that it was a challenging transition. Still, he was able to surpass the big adjustments, thanks to his family who made him feel at home.

The Super Inggo star misses a lot about showbiz especially the friendships built on the set. Thanks to technology, he’s able to catch up with showbiz friends like Zaijan Jaranilla, Jairus Aquino, and Paul Salas. He said humility is one of the most important lessons he learned from the industry. The former child star knows how to look back on his roots and acknowledge the people, on and off the set, who brought him to where he is today.


Bugoy Carino

Former Goin’ Bulilit star Bugoy Carino set the online world abuzz when he introduced his little family to the public for the first time. The 18-year-old actor and his 23-year-old partner, volleyball star, EJ Laure, were intensely bashed for their relationship. But for the new parents, none of those negative comments matter.

To be a dad at 18 isn’t a walk in the park. The transition from a child to a young father was challenging yet full of lessons. Thanks to his family, Bugoy learned to slowly navigate the unfamiliar journey of fatherhood.

Bugoy realized the importance of saving for his baby’s future. He also learned to put personal wants on hold for his child’s needs. He set a rule to always prioritize Baby Scarlet over anyone or anything else. He dreams to give Baby Scarlet and EJ a bright future and build their own house someday.

Nothing but sheer joy is seen in Bugoy as he relived the first time he saw his baby. He was out for errands when EJ gave birth, so he only got to see the newborn Scarlet in photos.

“Pagkakita ko sa Viber, napaupo ako tapos iyak ako nang iyak. Hindi ko po alam ‘yung nararamdaman ko nun, eh. Parang nanlambot ‘yung puso ko,” shared Bugoy.

Baby Scarlet likewise took Bugoy and EJ’s relationship to a deeper and mature level. This means problems are extra challenging as well. But over time, the couple learned to just focus on serious matters and laugh at the petty issues, including public opinion. Stone them all you want but this couple will not let words hurt them.

EJ would admit that she isn’t used to the bashing unlike Bugoy who’s always had a thicker skin. He is from showbiz while she’s from the less noisy world of sports, thus she’d easily cry over the foul comments. EJ eventually learned the so-called “art of deadma,” thanks to Bugoy’s influence.

“Natutunan ko na rin dedmahin. Hindi ko na pinapansin kung anong sinasabi ng ibang tao basta ang importante kung anong meron sa aming dalawa at kay baby,” she said.

The couple met during one of EJ’s volleyball games. Bugoy was with his friends rooting for the Ateneo Lady Eagles. Coincidentally, the team was on a match with the UST Lady Tigresses which EJ played for. Surprisingly, he was intimidated than attracted.

“Sabi ko, ‘Sino ba ‘yang Laure, ‘yung number 9, parang masungit?’ Kasi ang taray ng kilay niya tsaka mukha… Tapos nung napanood ko, ay magaling nga! Tapos lagi ko na siyang napapanood kasi ‘yung kaibigan ko sinasama ako. Tapos ‘yung kaibigan ko pala, kilala din siya,” shared Bugoy.

That common friend introduced them to each other and that’s how their love story started. Bugoy added in jest, “Tapos pinupuntahan na niya ako lagi sa [It’s] Showtime kasi hinahabol-habol niya talaga ako.” Asked what made her fall for him, EJ said that Bugoy showed efforts and generosity. And as a father, she admires him for being caring.

“’Yung pagmamahalan namin ngayon, hindi po siya naging madali pero habang tumatagal, mas tumitibay ‘yung pagmamahalan namin kahit magkalayo po ‘yung edad namin. Hindi na po namin iniisip ‘yung magkalayo ang edad, basta happy si Scarlet at happy kami at nagagawa namin ‘yung mga goals namin at responsibilities sa family namin,” expressed Bugoy.


The House of Arrest of Us cast

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla are back with their on-screen reunion via new digital movie series titled “The House Arrest of Us”. Some of its cast members – Riva Quenery, Anthony Jennings, and Alora Sasam – talked about the exciting new show in this episode of I Feel U.

Riva and Anthony play as siblings to Daniel Padilla’s character while Alora adds comedic charm as Kathryn’s onscreen nanny. 

The cast is scheduled for the next round of lock-in tapings soon. And so far, everything is fun despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic. Everybody has a slice of humor to share on the set, making work time feel a lot lighter. They’re made up of comedians and even sosy, dramatic actress Ruffa Guttierez adds in her own ‘kulit.’

“Si Ms. Ruffa, nagulat kaming lahat . Hindi naman talaga siya komedyante pero sa sobrang kasosyalan niya, nagulat kami na sobrang game na game siya, kahit ipa-walling siya ni Direk, kahit pasayawin siya ni Direk, ginagawa po talaga niya,” Alora revealed.

Riva, Antony, and Alora are all praise for the King and Queen of Hearts. They feel honored and grateful to be working with one of the country’s biggest love team. At the same time, they’re happy to see the hidden sides of KathNiel.

They would vouch to the couple’s sweetness on and off cam. “Kaya siguro talaga nag-work ‘yung chemistry nila kasi behind the scenes, talagang, ‘sana all,’” Alora remarked.

“The House Arrest of Us” is a new material and not a sequel of another KathNiel blockbuster hit “The How’s of Us.” It’s a fresh story with new characters to look forward to.

The cast ends the interview by sharing their views about love. Anthony admitted that he already fell in love twice. It’s scary just thinking about the possibility of going through a breakup but he thinks no one could really stop you from falling in love once hit. The 19-year-old actor expresses love by giving it all – his time and affection.

For Riva, there are different kinds of love but all these must be given unconditionally. Alora, an NBSB, said that she values love for family. Her romantic life might not be that glowing but she is happy.

“The House Arrest of Us” follows the story of an engaged couple. Unfortunately, the lockdown was imposed in the middle of the “pamamanhikan,” forcing the couple’s families to live under one roof, thus the comedic riot and overdose of kilig.