Yeng, ibinahagi ang mga natutunan niya sa kanilang buhay mag-asawa

Five years into their marriage, Yeng Constantino and Yan Asuncion are having the most fights during this pandemic. On the bright side, the challenges allow them to work as a team and strengthen their bond in the process.

The couple thinks they both changed a lot after five years, a sign of individual growth. So, when the first round of hard lockdown was imposed, they were surprised to discover new things about each other, sometimes leading to serious arguments.

The changes combined with the struggles spawned by the crisis crystallized into bigger concerns such as Yeng’s insecurities. She knew they needed to sit down and sort out the deep-seated issues. The talk was helpful, with both of them learning each other’s needs and boundaries.  

“Kailangan mo talagang ilagay sa table ‘yun tapos pag-usapan ninyo. And ‘yung trust ko kay Yan na mahal niya ako enough and makikinig siya and he will try to change or at least compromise with me,” said Yeng.  

Before the pandemic, long talks weren’t their thing. They were too busy to notice the little things. So, when the lockdown happened, Yan was surprised by the issues. As a man, it was hard for him to empathize and understand where her oversized emotions are coming from.

“Kasi bilang lalaki, logical lang kami, medyo dense din bilang lalaki. But when I started opening up my heart, which is very hard for a man to start feeling emotions, iintindihin mo talaga where the insecurity is coming from, where the pain is coming from. It took hours and hours of conversation and active listening,” he said.

As they came out better and stronger after those challenges, they realized that their love is real. Yan shared a recent incident that made him thank the heavens for his wife.

“Yesterday, I woke up tapos nakita ko si Yeng, sabog-sabog ‘yung buhok niya. Tapos tinitingnan ko lang siya habang nagsasalita siya. Parang nag-well up lang sa heart ko na sobrang blessed ako to have Yeng as my wife. Everything that happened to me mula noong naging kami, sobrang amazing talaga all the ups and downs,” he shared.

“If there’s one word to put up ‘yung experience ko, such an adventure. All the things na na-experience ko just being with her, sobrang panalong–panalo talaga ako. Sobrang blessed na blessed talaga ako to have her as my wife,” said Yan, sending Yeng into tears.

Simple times like sharing stories about their childhood already feels like an adventure for him. And as they get to know each other deeper these days, he can’t help but fall for her even more. He doesn’t know how not to. “Sobrang love na love talaga kita,” he told her.

These words warmed her heart, considering that her husband isn’t a natural talker. Tearful and feeling loved, Yeng replied, “It feels so nice to be appreciated kasi you’d feel at times na…  ‘yung mga taong ine-expect mo that would appreciate you, hindi ka naman na-aapreciate tapos may isang tao na tahimik lang tapos biglang ganun ‘yun nafe-feel niya sa’yo.”

They go through a lot of challenges as a typical couple would. But amid all the negativities, Yeng knows she would be all right because God gave her a husband who is also her best friend. This bond is something she’s truly grateful for, as artists like her often go through harsh judgment.

On their love story, Yan admitted that it was a case of attraction at first sight for him. He first saw her at a common friend’s house. He liked her beauty and attitude but he didn’t see her as a girlfriend, thinking she’s out of his league. They met again at church. “Gusto ko ‘tong girl na ‘to pero kung wala akong gagawin, maglalaho lang siya tapos hindi ko na siya makikita ulit,” he told himself then. As they got closer, Yan just had an unexplainable feeling within him, something that was telling him ‘she’s the one.’

It was a different case for Yeng who didn’t remember Yan until he finally had the guts to introduce himself on their second encounter. She noticed him more when he volunteered as the church’s musician, while she served as part of the vocals. And his service to God captured her heart even more.

Through their marriage, Yeng and Yan learned to just be present and enjoy life together, saying plans and dreams don’t have to steal the “now.” The couple loves traveling and taking adventures together, listing down Japan, Hawaii, and Africa as their favorite destinations.

Asked to throw their questions for each other, Yeng asked, “Will you promise to say what you feel kahit feeling mo magiging sensitive ako about it?” He said he’ll be truthful and open as part of their growth, although there are times when he opts to hold back not wanting to hurt her feelings.

Yan’s would have to be, “Will you promise na kapag naging open ako sa’yo tsaka vulnerable, hindi ka magagalit?” She promised so, saying his feelings are also valid and important.

The sweethearts also took on the “Who’s Most Likely To” Challenge. It was revealed that Yeng is the sleepyhead. They’re both likely to forget important dates. None between them would cheat on their vegan diet. Yan’s love language is acts of service and touch while Yeng’s are words of affirmation and time.