Kath at Daniel, ibinahagi kung gaano ka-importante ang mga kaibigan sa kanilang relasyon

Every couple’s first - from the first surprise, first “I love yous”, to their first fight, there will always be special people who would know the specific details of these private moments. For instance, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, considered one of the most successful and enduring love teams in Philippine entertainment history, have close and trusted friends who have witnessed their ups and downs as a real-life couple.

In this episode of “I Feel U” with sisters Toni Gonzaga-Soriano and Alex Gonazaga last May 31 with KathNiel as esteemed guests, the couple’s close friends, including Dominic Roque, Khalil Ramos, and Patrick Sugui, likewise appeared and shared some things you may not know about their relationship.

Dominic Khalil, and Patrick shared they would still have time and ways to bond despite the quarantine. They said they would often hold Zoom meetings for their “kumustahan.” But before when everything was still normal, they would bond through having food trips in one of their houses and out-of-town beach trips.

When Toni and Alex asked the three who they think fell in love first, the three differed, with Patrick saying it was Daniel while Khalil and Dominic claiming it was Kathryn. However revealing the sweetest thing they think Daniel did for Kathryn, they would concur that the King Of Hearts loves to pull surprises for Kathryn. Patrick shared this one time when Daniel asked his help to surprise Kath when she was at a horror house. Dominic, on the other hand, said Daniel prepared a very sweet, beautiful and unexpected setup for Kathryn at her house after attending an awards ceremony.

For Kathryn and Daniel, moral support from their pals is necessary to maintain and even strengthen their bond. When asked about their barkada’s role in their romance, Kathryn said these special people who surround them would always exert much influence in their lives as a couple.

The Queen Of Hearts even shared that whenever she rants about Daniel, their close buddies always are willing to listen carefully and give reasonable and fair advice. On the other hand, Daniel considers Patrick, Khalil and Dominic as his brothers, having spent so much time with them through the years. They are trustworthy, he said, and willing to do everything for him and Kathryn.