Karla, ibinahagi kung ano ang natutunan niya sa boyfriend na si Jam

Talking about the struggles and victories of a single parent, Karla Estrada looked back on being a mother at the age of 19, to now-famous actor Daniel Padilla. The surprising news came in during the peak of her career, three years after she was launched as a teen star.

Siguro dahil ako lang ang nagwowork for the family, so ako din ang boss. Walang makapagsabi sa akin kung ano ang tama at mali. Along the way mayroon akong mga nagawang maling decisions,” she confessed. Being a young single parent, of course, was difficult. But thanks to her own mother, Karla was able to survive all the struggles. Thankfully, the father of her children showed up to help her in the finances and in raising the kids. Karla, however, continued to take on the role of the family’s breadwinner.

Asked about the challenges of being a mother, Karla thought of seeing her children get sick. She can always make a way to provide for her kids’ needs and wants but she can never afford to see them suffer from poor health. Despite the difficulties, Karla finds joy and rewards that only motherhood can bring, especially when she sees her kids growing up into responsible and God-fearing individuals.

Karla believes that a child’s attitude outside the home always reflects the parent’s own behavior. That’s why she would always remind her children to be mindful of their actions.

Now that Daniel and his siblings are all grown-up and doing well in their chosen careers, Karla does not deny her desires to get married someday. “Sana! Gusto ko kasi pangarap ng Mama ko din ‘yan and she’s 76 already at wala pa siyang anak na ikinakasal,” she revealed.

Karla got a little surprise when boyfriend Jam Ignacio aired his question, “Ngayong nandito na ako, okay lang ba na huwag na akong umalis sa buhay mo?” Coincidentally, Daniel arrived before she was able to express her answer. As a response to Jam’s pick-up line, of course, she wants him to stay in her life.

Karla expressed that Jam is her source of calm, simple feelings of happiness. She mentioned that Jam reminds her to look after herself while caring for others.