John Prats, ibinahagi kung paano nabago ng mga anak ang kanyang buhay

With the birth of his third baby last July, actor and director John Prats has found more reasons to be hopeful and thankful. In a recent episode for I Feel U, the dutiful father talked about his parenting style and more of his growing family.

As parents, John and wife Isabel Oli want their kids–Feather, Freedom, and Forest –to grow bonded and loving to each other. And that’s what they are starting to witness. They involve Feather and Freedom in taking care of the newborn even just by the little things like getting diapers. John had amusing stories about his daughters’ closeness such as Feather helping Freedom drink her water.

His growing family is John’s biggest motivation to keep working hard. It just comes naturally to him. Unlike Isabel, he never attended any seminar prior to parenthood. But he just knew how to be a dad the moment Feather arrived. He never thought he could carry such a tiny baby even without rehearsals.

Fatherhood always makes him look forward to coming home after a long, tiring day at work. He realized that children could indeed ease the exhaustion; something he thought was just an overrated remark before he experienced its joy. Coming home to his kids and playing with them are his ultimate way to recharge. Similarly, it breaks his heart to leave them for work.

The best feeling about parenting is making his kids happy such as by spoiling them with gifts and bonding with them. Of the many roles he plays, John believes that he does fatherhood best. He believes he was molded by God to become a loving dad.

John is currently juggling fatherhood with the lock-in tapings for FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. They adhere to strict preventive measures like two-week isolation prior to the tapings. The setup adds challenge to Coco Martin who also serves as the show’s director yet they are all coping with the “new normal.”

Apart from his role in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, John also ventured into concert production since 2013. He’s long been in the entertainment industry and he used to be a mainstay on the Sunday noontime show ASAP Natin ‘To. Yet, producing gives him another level of purpose. He wants to be an instrument in helping other artists enter showbiz. He wants to give them the platform to showcase their talent. The business venture was affected by the pandemic yet John and his team are looking for creative ways to cope with the situation.