Jasmine, masayang makita bilang isang mommy ang ate na si Anne

Jasmine Curtis-Smith last saw her sister, Anne, in March when the latter gave birth in Australia. How she wish they’re together watching her adorable little niece grow each day. But for now, she satisfies her yearning by checking out Baby Dahlia’s videos and photos.

As Anne embarks on a new journey called motherhood, Jasmine noticed that their relationship as sisters is also transforming. She knows Anne would take care of Dahlia the way she used to handle her as a sister, hence jestingly wishing her niece good luck.

Anne remains a concerned ‘ate’ to Jasmine and the latter appreciates their dynamics. Besides, they have grown more mature that they learned to see things as acts of care than being nosy.

On being tagged as just ‘kapatid ni Anne,’ the younger Curtis said she never took it negatively. After all, she managed to create her own mark in the industry through her critically acclaimed performances. She is her own person and her sister couldn’t be any prouder of what she has become.

“As an Ate, I’m just so, so proud. Everytime I watch her films and anything that she does, and I see how she succeeds, it makes me so proud. When you look at your little sister and you remember everything about her, when you see them bloom and come into their own and figure out what they want to become, find their own direction and succeed in making it happen, I’m so proud of my little sestra,” said Anne, sending Jasmine into tears.

Jasmine reacted, “To hear it from an Anne Curtis, it’s like, I know you’re my sister but I also know how hard you worked to get where you are and to achieve that status of a name and that level of prestige. Not everyone gets to hear that from a sister, let alone from an Anne Curtis, “ said Jasmine, smiling in between tears.

Anne is grateful for having a sister so understanding and patient over her mistakes. Jasmine likewise feels grateful that her ‘Ate’ is there guiding her, sharing lessons, advice, life experiences, and secrets with her. Their relationship is far from perfect but the love between them is always enough to mend every misunderstanding.