Ivana, hindi raw nagpapa-apekto sa mga masasamang sinasabi tungkol sa kanya: “I’m proud of myself.”

Stone her all you want but Ivana Alawi will stick to her core belief that being sexy is neither a crime nor something she needs to feel ashamed of. The hottest online sensation views ‘hubadera’ tags and other insults as mere reflection of envy, thus there’s no way these hateful words will crush her.  “I’m not hurting anyone. Trabaho itong marangal. Naiinggit lang sila eh and I accept that,” she said in the online talk show “I Feel U.”

At the end of the day, she knows herself better than anyone else and she could stare at her own reflection without any hint of guilt. “I know myself alam kong I am more than just sa paghuhubad. Proud ako sa sarili ko, so bakit ako magpapaapekto sa mga taong tinitingnan ako pababa?

She might have bewitched the public with her doll-like face and voluptuous body alone but there’s more to Ivana than what meets the eye. Ivana clapped back at her bashers, “Ang daming ganyan, actually. Sinasabi nila na ‘Panay pakita ka lang ng katawan, wala ka namang utak.’ But I’m proud of myself. Nakapagtapos ako sa college, natutulungan ko ang family ko.” Exuding strong confidence, Ivana knows for sure that her happiness lies in her own choices and not on other people’s opinion. She won’t stop taking on sexy roles and showing her skin because that’s what makes her happy.

There was a point in her life, though when even those she considered as friends mocked her for her boldness. She was referring to two best friends who used to be her confidante until her decision to go sexy tore their friendship apart. Ivana looked back on being told that her sexy image won’t get her far. “Nagsalita sila ng napakasakit na word and that really hurt me because I treated them like a family. Nakakalungkot lang na the people who I thought were my friends didn’t support me.”

But Ivana has learned better over time. She realized that those who genuinely love her will never be selfish of their support. Her family always pushes her towards her dreams, and that’s what really matters now “’Yung mama at mga kapatid ko, hindi ako nakatikim ng masasakit na salita. They’re proud of me and I’m happy that my family supports me.”

Asked if there’s something that could make her turn her back on the sexy image, the fame, and all that showbiz could offer, Ivana said she would ditch everything for a happy marriage.