There are currently 7 million subscribers marvelling at Ivana Alawi’s beauty and adorable quirks on her vlog channel, and she feels happy and blessed to have gained a massive number of following. Ivana said she never saw this coming, never in her wildest dreams. She did not even expect to reach the one million mark.

The plan was to build her image as a mysterious woman, and not to bare her fun-loving side so to keep on teasing the public’s curiosity. Ivana’s manager wanted her to be known as enigmatic and sultry than overt and hilarious. Yet, Ivana decided to stick to her core – crazy, loud, and real. She put up an online channel to show people that “hindi lang ako isang sexy picture or whatever, I have my own personality.”

In an appearance for Online Kapamilya Shows, “I Feel U,” Ivana revealed more about her interesting story. The newest ‘crush ng bayan’ is of a Filipino and Moroccan descent. She was born in the Philippines and raised in Bahrain. At 7, Ivana went back to the Philippines and, here, she began to feel fascinated with the television industry.

Growing up watching the likes of Claudine Barretto and Jericho Rosales, Ivana started to dream of becoming a TV personality as well, albeit she had to start from scratch. She patiently lined up for almost every audition, with her mom keeping her company all the time. Ivana, however, wouldn’t bag any project. “Rejected lagi sa mga audition lalo na sa mga commercials kasi hindi nila type ‘yung face ko. Hindi ako nagfi-fit in kahit saan.” Besides, she might have been unprepared then or, most probably, it wasn’t yet her time.

Distressed, Ivana decided to let go of her showbiz dreams and take a second college degree instead. By that time, she was clueless that her mom was secretly sending her photos to talent managers, hoping that one of them would have the eyes for her potential.

Mommy Fatima’s tenacity paid off when Ivana got a call from a talent scout. Holding on to a promise of a brighter career, Ivana decided to ditch the sweet image for her true, sexy side. “That time, I was so confident with myself. I love myself. Hindi na ako natatakot magpakita ng skin,” she said.      

In 2018, Ivana landed a role in the longest-running television series FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. The public’s attention was instantly drawn to that sensual chick clinging beside the show’s antagonist. Ivana knew her lucky stars were suddenly on fire. She was finally portraying a more important role and uttering longer dialogues, after years of rejection and being mere extra.

In no time, Ivana’s next big project came via Sino ang Maysala? Mea Culpa where she portrayed a major roles as Attorney Lolita del Rio. She would later on create more buzz through a series of viral vlog content and would be offered her first titular role thereafter. She recalled on screaming, “Ma, ito na!” upon hearing the good news on topbilling Ang Lihim ni Ligaya.

Ivana is aware that as she reaches the peak of stardom, bashers will continue tailing her behind and dragging her down. But she doesn’t really mind. “I realized na hindi ko naman pala kayang pasayahin lahat ng tao. I can’t please everyone and I respect people’s decision. Its either you love me or you hate me, and I will respect your decision.”