I Feel U: Ina Raymundo, Aubrey Miles, and Geneva Cruz on prioritizing self-love as a mother

Motherhood is an exhausting journey, which is why moms need to constantly refuel. And since women have different styles in parenting, they have different ways of practicing self-care as well. In this episode of I Feel U, gorgeous moms Aubrey Miles, Ina Raymundo, and Geneva Cruz share how they maintain their youthful aura by making sure to juggle their responsibilities with self-love.

The episode opened with host Toni Gonzaga’s short interview with housewives, best friends, and business partners Aly and Elaine from General Trias, Cavite.

Aly and Elaine’s friendship started through their husbands who were childhood buddies. Thus, they had the same circle of friends and they even got married just two weeks apart. Their kids are in the same age bracket as well. On top of that, their families are neighbors.

Their closeness inspired them to join forces in putting up their business. “Na-conceptualize ‘yung business last year. That time, bago pa lang ‘yung mga pamilya, gusto namin mag-décor ng bahay, into candles din po talaga kami. Noong time na ‘yun, naisip namin gumawa ng magagamit sa bahay and at the same time pagkakakitaan namin,” shared Elaine.

They finally dared to open their business by starting small despite their doubts. Surprisingly, their candle business was a hit even to millennial customers. Aly and Elaine realized that people are starting to prioritize relaxation, thus making their products essentials.


Aubrey Miles

With a Christmas tree gloriously set up at one corner of her house, Aubrey Miles said the smell of yuletide makes her happy. And it was easy to see that she’s being honest. She glowed with bliss while talking about motherhood, love, and fitness in this interview.

The photos on her social media account would reveal that, apart from being a hands-on homemaker and a certified plantita, Aubrey is a hardcore fitness buff. Sweating it out makes her happy and refreshed. More than just keeping in top shape to maintain her sexy onscreen image, as one would assume, exercise has been her ultimate me-time activity since high school even before she entered showbiz.

When she signed her first contract, Aubrey had only one request which is to have a consistent twice-a-week gym time. She feels incomplete without exercise. As such, she stressed that her passion for fitness goes beyond vanity. It makes her feel relaxed and happy. And for a mom like her, she knows her happiness is contagious.

Aubrey is now a mother of three – to Maurie, 19; Hunter, 12, and Rocket, 1. Raising kids with wide age gaps is a challenge but they try to enjoy the youngest, their only daughter’s fleeting baby days. She mentioned that they’re not planning to add another one to the bunch as their time, effort, and strength could no longer afford. Having their only daughter around makes life brighter, albeit exhausting since their helpers took a leave in time for the lockdown.

Aubrey and partner Troy Montero have been together for 17 years. Asked about their wedding plans, the actress revealed that they’re supposed to tie the knot this year had not the pandemic happened. The intimate ceremony was taking shape as planned. They already had a list of guests, props, venue, and date. But they were forced to postpone the event.

Unlike what other people say, Aubrey doesn’t want to take the postponement as a bad omen. She assured everyone that the wedding will still happen soon.

For Aubrey, she’s blessed with a man who’s both a good partner and a good father. She added that Troy enjoys being a dad. As much as they are comfortable being together, they give each other space. They allow each other to be happy on their own once in a while. Others may say that a happy wife means a happy life but for Aubrey, it takes both spouses’ happiness to build a happy home.

She told fellow moms to reset and think deeply about their motivation and make time for self-care. She explained that moms have 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so an hour of me-time each day won’t hurt. She also underscored proper time management and eating a balanced diet.

More importantly, she does what makes her happy and makes sure that support goes two-way inside their home.


Geneva Cruz

Through the years, the public witnessed Geneva Cruz went through life page by page. She’s always been open about her stories of heartaches, the joy of motherhood, and finding the strength to love again.

Geneva flew to the US six years ago to give birth to her second child, London. The singer-actress went home to the Philippines earlier this year just before the lockdown. While her son, Heaven, was left in the US, her youngest, London stays with her.

Geneva described raising two kids with an 18-year age gap as interesting, and challenging. She lived a normal life in America, working in a regular job while tending to her kids without a nanny’s help. Thankfully, her mom was there to assist them.

While it was a different life, she enjoyed every minute of it and became a more hands-on mom. “I realized that all mothers are not ready to be a mom,” she said. A woman can only prepare for the baby’s needs but it’s an entirely different experience once the child comes out. She added that motherhood is different for every woman.

Being a mother is difficult in itself, much more when you are a single mom. Thankfully, Geneva is blessed with a wonderful, supportive clan that makes her feel she’s not alone. As such, Geneva believes that a woman does not need a man just to make her feel happy and complete.

She’s currently in a long-distance relationship with her American boyfriend who she described as principled. She knows she has found an honest man and someone who will not waste her time, and love.

Geneva looks at self-care as a constant commitment as a woman needs to feel refreshed and happy within. She added that taking care of one’s self is more about sanity than vanity. It takes a big amount of self-love for a woman to be able to enjoy her own company and feel complete on her own.

She also opened up about her heartbreaking miscarriage which led her to depression. The experience made her realize the importance of seeking help and just having someone to talk to.

After surviving tough battles in life, Geneva has this as her greatest takeaway: “You are enough!” No matter what other people say, words will never hurt because she is aligned with her inner truths.


Ina Raymundo

Sabado nights have never been the same for Ina Raymundo since she stepped into the world of motherhood. Her life has been challenging since but she enjoys every minute of it. For Ina, a mom of five, raising kids means no dull moments at home.

Ina’s ‘momshie’ technique is simple. She always has to be on her toes and think ten steps ahead, so to avoid stressing herself out and still find time to enjoy.

When talking about her superpowers as a mom and a wife, the conversation would always lead up to Ina’s incredible ability to maintain her figure. The 44-year-old actress said she always takes her breakfast at six in the morning unless she went home late from taping the previous day. She never skips meals as well to keep her cycle consistent and she allots an hour each day for workout.

Ina would describe her parenting style as neither extreme nor lenient. She’s always in the middle, perhaps a cool mom who can be her kids’ best friend and call them out when needed.

Ina has a 25-year age gap from her eldest, thus the barkada vibes when they’re all together. Ina penned a heartfelt message to her eldest, Erika, for her 18th birthday last year. In that Instagram post, she narrated their ‘away-bati’ phase when Erika went to middle school and how they managed to rekindle their closeness not long after.

The loving mom believes it’s normal for kids to become quite a rebel when they reach adolescence. The good news is they will eventually get back to their old, sweet selves. Ina has learned from her experience and learned to just go through the inevitable phases in a child’s life.

Ina has been called ‘sexy’ all her life, not a surprise as she’s managed to maintain her figure. She said the kids would roll their eyes over such compliments but she knows they’re proud deep inside.

Ina doesn’t consider her body perfect. She is aware of her flaws, what makes her confident is not obsessing over her physical appearance. Working out also makes her feel refreshed, happier, and more confident. It’s a big part of her self-care routine.


Totropahin o Jojowain Challenge

They might be known and often praised for their sexy figures but for Aubrey Miles, Ina Raymundo, and Geneva Cruz, there’s only one thing that defines them, and that is being a good, hands-on mom to their kids.

Yet, moms need a bit of fun time as well. After all, self-care is crucial to having the full strength and capacity to run an entire house. In this episode of I Feel U, these three hot mommas take on a little playtime in the “Totropahin o Jojowain” Challenge.

The first guy on the list is Daniel Padilla. For the sake of fun, Geneva considered the King of Hearts as jowable; while Aubrey thought he would be a nice tropa and Ina said he is her nephew.

Aubrey finds Enrique Gil’s swabe demeanor intriguing, thus jojowain. Ina and Geneva both went for totropahin.

On James Reid, both Ina and Geneva settled for totropahin while Aubrey, a big JaDine fan, said he seems like a boyfriend material. Alden Richards and Gerald Anderson are tropas for the three ladies.

Ina and Geneva gushed when Piolo Pascual’s name was mentioned while Aubrey thinks he’d be a good friend.

Aubrey said she would love Park Bo Gum to be her boyfriend, even a husband while Ina’s ultimate oppa would have to be Hyun Bin.

To end the episode, the gorgeous moms shared their thoughts about self-love. For Ina, taking care of yourself does not equate to being selfish. Instead, loving yourself means you also love the people around you with all your heart.

Geneva underscored that self-care isn’t just about vanity. Your physical appearance doesn’t matter that much but the way you would treat others make you shine brighter.

Aubrey added that self-love means doing what makes you happy and sharing this happiness with your loved ones and the people around you.