I Feel U: Motherhood stories and more shared in this exciting ‘kwentuhANNE’ with Anne Curtis

This episode’s featured entrepreneur is 23-year-old Denise Esguerra, a medical student and online seller from Imus, Cavite. Just like many young people, Denise took the quarantine as the perfect time to look for a new hobby that would turn into a full-time business.

She discovered macramé, the art of making decorative knots. “Natuto lang ako online, so bumili ako ng mga cords online. Nanood ako ng mga tutorials and maybe one or two weeks, nakagawa na ako ng 5 to 10 pieces. Then, naisip namin ng boyfriend ko na we can sell it online,” she said.

It took them two months to prepare for the brand’s official launching. So far, they’re happy with how the business is thriving. Aside from the earnings, the business helps strengthen their relationship as well. She creates the products, handmade with love; while he manages the logistics. Now that she’s even busier because of her online studies, Denise is glad that her boyfriend helps her manage her time and supports her dreams. 

Starting out as just a passion project, Denise’s hobby turned into a successful business. Her story, if anything, proves that even newcomers can come out big with the right idea and unbreakable perseverance. 

Anne Curtis 

Taking her maternity leave in December last year, this is the longest Anne Curtis has been on a hiatus that fans are starting to miss her. But as much as she’s looking forward to her comeback as well, the superstar opts to take it slow, considering the pandemic and the demands of being a hands-on mother and wife. 

Looking on the bright side, Anne enjoys the 24/7 mom duty in Australia, trying to relish each moment of her daughter Dahlia’s fleeting baby days. The new mom is in bliss and it radiates on her face even in the most candid moments. Even when she’s not trying, she still looks the most gorgeous. Compliments make her smile, albeit she’s become less conscious of her physical appearance. 

Nag-start na ‘yung hair fall, of course kulang ka na sa tulog. But I agree na this is the most beautiful I feel because of the beauty surrounding me at the moment. And it’s because of Dahlia that I’m able to feel all this love and be the best version of myself,” Anne opened up.

Fans think Dahlia looks like her father Erwan Heussaff, and Anne won’t contest.  But she thinks the baby is more like her in attitude and talent. “Baka maging singer rin siya katulad ko,” quipped Anne, who also loves to post videos of Dahlia humming and making cute noises. 

Anne started to get emotional when asked about her fondest memories with Dahlia so far. There are just a lot and she cherishes them all especially the milestones. Dahlia is starting to exhibit signs of separation anxiety as well.

In her past interviews, Anne mentioned that giving birth in Australia was a last-minute decision. The whole process, from pregnancy to birth, was of course difficult. But seeing Dahlia for the first time made everything worth it.

“You really feel that kind of unconditional love, it’s an explosion of emotions that just takes over you. Aside from the fact na mahirap ‘yung whole process of actually giving birth, then, finally when she’s handed to you, all that pain just kind of dissipate. You’re basically holding your world and your universe in your hand,” she said.

She is grateful for having a supportive husband who’s also a hands-on father to Dahlia. The daddy chef loves to make baby food, of course. Now with Dahlia keeping their relationship more alive, Anne and Erwan feel like they’re on a deeper level of falling in love. 

More than two decades into her stellar career, the actress has become the icon of making dreams, even those presumed impossible, happen. She is one of the most admired multi-hyphenates in the country. Looking back, she feels grateful and fulfilled, knowing that she’s worked hard for everything she achieved. She has no regrets. 

“A lot of crazy things happened but each and every step, even the mistakes that came along with it, I have no regrets because it’s who I am today. I’m excited to one day share that whole crazy journey with Dahlia,” she added. 

Anne has been hosting It’s Showtime for eleven years, that means more than a decade of long-hour daily hustle. Her pregnancy leave was the only time she’s able to enjoy her free days, although she’s now busy again tending to her growing baby’s needs. 

With childhood friends 

No success can be achieved in isolation and without a humble heart. That being the case, Anne Curtis must have had great humility in her to be able to secure her superstar status.

Her childhood friends Joen Umali, Kai Arguillo, and Nikki Coscolluela said she remained grounded despite her stellar career. They are her squad in the village where she grew up. According to them, Anne showed signs of joining showbiz since they were little. She was very pretty and loves to perform even when they were just kids.

They used to go on out-of-town summer trips when she started acting. Although she got busier in the succeeding years, the friendship was sustained because Anne herself remained humble. 

For the Kapamilya star, maintaining their friendship keeps her grounded especially since they’ve known each other for long. “It’s so hard to find genuine friends who would really stick with you through thick and thin, would give you very honest opinion na walang sugar-coating. It’s also a group na you can be yourself kasi kilala ka nila from the very beginning,” shared Anne, adding that Joen, Kai, and Nikki are the squad that keeps her faith intact.

Anne’s girl friends are proud of how she thrives as a person. More than being an actress and performer, in every aspect of her life, she would always be ‘extra.’ She is always all-out, and this makes them even prouder. 

With Jasmine Curtis

Jasmine Curtis-Smith last saw her sister, Anne, in March when the latter gave birth in Australia. How she wish they’re together watching her adorable little niece grow each day. But for now, she satisfies her yearning by checking out Baby Dahlia’s videos and photos. 

As Anne embarks on a new journey called motherhood, Jasmine noticed that their relationship as sisters is also transforming. She knows Anne would take care of Dahlia the way she used to handle her as a sister, hence jestingly wishing her niece good luck.

Anne remains a concerned ‘ate’ to Jasmine and the latter appreciates their dynamics. Besides, they have grown more mature that they learned to see things as acts of care than being nosy. 

On being tagged as just ‘kapatid ni Anne,’ the younger Curtis said she never took it negatively. After all, she managed to create her own mark in the industry through her critically acclaimed performances. She is her own person and her sister couldn’t be any prouder of what she has become. 

“As an Ate, I’m just so, so proud. Everytime I watch her films and anything that she does, and I see how she succeeds, it makes me so proud. When you look at your little sister and you remember everything about her, when you see them bloom and come into their own and figure out what they want to become, find their own direction and succeed in making it happen, I’m so proud of my little sestra,” said Anne, sending Jasmine into tears.

Jasmine reacted, “To hear it from an Anne Curtis, it’s like, I know you’re my sister but I also know how hard you worked to get where you are and to achieve that status of a name and that level of prestige. Not everyone gets to hear that from a sister, let alone from an Anne Curtis, “ said Jasmine, smiling in between tears.

Anne is grateful for having a sister so understanding and patient over her mistakes. Jasmine likewise feels grateful that her ‘Ate’ is there guiding her, sharing lessons, advice, life experiences, and secrets with her. Their relationship is far from perfect but the love between them is always enough to mend every misunderstanding. 

Questions from the netizens 

Anne has been on a hiatus for almost a year now and fans are starting to miss her. A virtual reunion finally happened in this episode wherein the Princess of All Media gamely answered questions from her loyal supporters.

In the special segment, Anne shared that she had a happy and fun pregnancy, a busy one for that matter. She even performed in the last “Magpasikat” anniversary celebration in It’s Showtime and did a movie with her friend and co-host Vice Ganda. 

Although she’s busier now because of tending to Baby Dahlia, she enjoys every minute of her motherhood journey. The new chapter in her life even allows her to discover new things about herself.

Just like us here in the Philippines, Anne and her family have been in strict lockdown in Melbourne, Australia, thus keeping them stuck at home. On the brighter side of the situation, she’s able to watch Dahlia closely and at the same time explore new interests.

While she’s busy tending to Dahlia, the new mom does not neglect self-care. Taking vitamins, eating healthy, working out, and prioritizing mental health are her top self-care habits. 

Anne said she misses everyone back home especially her fans. She thanked everyone for supporting her and told them they’re always in her heart despite the distance.