I Feel U: JoshNella, JM & Arci, Jake and Kylie share insights on love-filled friendships

Love is one of the most efficacious antidotes to fear. In this time of uncertainty, love keeps us hopeful and gives us more strength to keep on fighting. This episode of OKS’ (Online Kapamilya Shows)I Feel U” celebrates the beauty and power of romantic relationships and love-filled friendships that’ll surely make us smile.

RJ and Aimee Calayag

Guest Kapamilya couple from London RJ and Aimee’s love story blossomed in the campus while they were just high school. As early as then, RJ already had feelings for Aimee but the latter knew she was still too young to entertain the idea of romantic relationships. In the middle of their college studies, RJ had to migrate to London due to a personal dilemma, leading in a long-distance courtship. The challenges brought by time and distance forced RJ to come home for a while and pursue Aimee. Until finally, ten years since destiny introduced them to each other in high school, RJ and Aimee officially became a couple. They are now married and living in London. Their journey reminds us of the old Filipino saying, “Sa hinaba-haba man ng prusisyon, sa simbahan pa rin ang tuloy.”  Knowing each other for 15 long years is a big help in keeping the sparks alive in RJ and Aimee’s marriage. 

Geela Chee

Four months prior to her supposed wedding, Geela Chee’s fiancé died tragically. It was a devastating phase in her life and she thought she’d never fall in love again. Geela flew to Australia for her doctorate studies and there, she chanced upon Brian, an old friend introduced by her late fiancé before he died. They hangout and just clicked right away. The potential romance was nurtured by long-distance friendship and consistent online communication. Soon, Geela and Brian decided to meet in New Zealand where she was based and took their friendship to the next level. For Geela, friendship is the best foundation of a relationship. It helped her and Brian get to know each other better before they became lovers and ended in the altar.  

JM de Guzman and Arci Munoz

Best friends JM de Guzman and Arci Munoz appeared on the show together wearing their military uniforms. The buddies are currently undergoing Basic Citizen Military Training, not for an acting role but to exercise their passion in community service. It was JM’s idea and he encouraged Arci to sign up as well. When asked why he picked Arci, out of all people, to join him in the trainings, JM said he’s comfortable with her. True to his words, Arci would be seen hitting JM’s shoulders, clinging to him, and throwing inside jokes all throughout the show. 

They attended the same university in college and that was where their friendship started. “Noong college, loner po ako tapos akala ko bakla si JM,” revealed Arci. 

They’ve seen each other grow since then. JM related that Arci has learned to become wiser in love and focused on self-love. “Makulit kasi ‘yung utak niya tapos ‘pag na-i-in love, tumotodo din, lumalagpas. Pero ngayon mas nag-iinvest na siya sa sarili niya,” he shared.  

In return, Arci is just as proud of how her Pamilya Ko co-star managed to come out stronger from all the challenges he went through. She said JM is now focused on getting better and had become more dedicated in his craft. 

The tandem’s chemistry transcends beyond the screens, so natural others might wish they end up together. Not to break the fans’ hearts, but JM and Arci both agree that they would forever remain as just friends. “Best friend ko, eh! Parang ang hirap nang ibalik ‘yung ganitong samahan namin tapos pupunta kami doon sa ganu’ng direksyon pero deds,” Arci said. 

Although, JM admitted that he had a crush on Arci in college. But his ‘moves’ didn’t work because she was sheltered and wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend that time. 

Their secret to a solid friendship are transparency and being comfortable with each other. “Wala akong maitatago sa kanya. Kapag masama loob ko, siya ‘yung unang taong tatawagan ko bukod sa pamilya ko at mga kaibigan ko,” shared Arci.  She added she’s grateful for JM’s existence. 

To end the interview, Arci played the   “Kill, Jowa, Marry” game, given John Lloyd Cruz, Gerald Anderson, and JM as her choices. She would choose to marry JM, so she would have a best friend for life. Meanwhile, Gerald fell under the ‘Jowa’ category while John Lloyd was Arci’s choice for ‘kill.’

Asked to name three Kapamilya leading ladies who he thinks is a girlfriend material, JM mentioned Arci, Ria Atayde, and Alyssa Muhlach. 

Jake Cuenca and Kylie Verzosa

Jake Cuenca was instantly smitten by the goddess-like beauty of Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa when he first saw her on the set of “Ang Panday” in 2017. He played as the villain while she portrayed the role of a beautiful fairy in that movie. Struck by Cupid’s arrow, Jake made a move through the aid of social media. But it turned out as a failed tactic, a strategy Kylie perceived as a playboy’s game. “If someone messages you on IG, you’ll think you’re not the only girl. I think if he can do that to me, then he’s probably doing it to different girls,” said Kylie. Besides, she was already taken at that time and that Jake wasn’t her type at first. She didn’t like his smoking habit in particular.  

Jake swallowed his feelings and moved on. Until, they landed a follow-up project via Precious Hearts Romances Presents Los Bastardos where they got to know each other better. Kylie eventually broke up with her then-boyfriend, paving the way for a deeper relationship with Jake. 

Now that they’re stuck with each other 24/7 due to the quarantine, Jake and Kylie are thankful that their relationship was built in a strong foundation of friendship. “Mas maganda kasi nakikita n’yo ang isa’t isa in a different light. It’s nice that we knew each other as friends first kasi ‘yun talaga walang best foot forward,” Jake shared. 

When asked if they’re ready to take their relationship to the aisle, Jake said talks about future wedding plans pop up in random moments. Although, the goal-driven couple wants to accomplish their individual dreams first before getting married, especially Kylie who still has so much more to explore as an actress. “Definitely nakikita ko siya on the horizon unlike before na feeling ko ang layo-layo pa. For the first time in my life nakikita ko na siya. Pero no rush, no pressure,” expressed Jake.

The lovebirds still want to enjoy their boyfriend-girlfriend relationship and grow more in their craft. They recently starred in the digital film “Love Lockdown” which they shot in their own home.  

Joshua Garcia and Janella Salvador

Host Toni Gonzaga had one observation when she introduced Joshua Garcia and Janella Salvador on the show. She noticed the smile on Joshua’s face when Janella’s image popped up on the screen, a clear sign that he missed his loveteam partner for real. 

Fans no longer need to read between the lines as Joshua himself is vocal about his ‘feelings.’ He confessed, “Ang familiar nung naramdaman ko noong nakita ko si Janella. Na-miss ko talaga siya.”  When asked what he misses most about her, the Kapamilya actor said, “Nami-miss ko ‘yung bond namin together sa set. Kumakain kami sabay. At saka siya! Siya mismo.” Talking about their love for food, Janella revealed that Joshua would always make an effort to satisfy all her cravings on the set. 

JoshNella’s chemistry is undeniably loud and genuine. They believe that the secret formula to their on-screen magic is speaking the same love language – physical touch. Both Joshua and Janella describe themselves as clingy. And truthfully, he had a crush on her long before they worked together in The Killer Bride. He even tried to ask for her number through a common friend. 

On the “Killer Questions” segment, Janella asked Joshua, “Bakit ako ‘yung naging crush mo?”  As honest as he is, Joshua admitted, “Noong time na may dance group tayo sa ASAP, ang misteryoso mo para sa akin. Mas gusto ko kasi ‘yung mysterious na tao. ‘Yung mapapa-isip ako na, ‘Paano kaya ‘to kapag kasama na niya ako? Paano kaya ‘to kapag kami na?’ Sobrang misteryoso mo at ‘yung ang dahilan kung bakit nagustuhan kita.

Joining them on the show are fans from all over the world wishing to dig deeper into JoshNella’s friendship. A fan asked about the most memorable gift they received from each other. The pair revealed that they often spoil each other with food. Janella thought of the gourmet tuyo she got from Joshua. Then, Joshua narrated, “Noong last day ng taping namin sa The Killer Bride, may nadaanan kaming karenderia tapos doon kami kumain.”

‘Kilig’ just got more electrifying when the next question prompted Joshua and Janella to look back on their most memorable scene together. What else could it be than their kissing scene on The Killer Bride, which happened to be their first on-screen kisses! 

Joshua will be back on the big screen soon via horror film “Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan” while Janella launches her new single titled “Blanko.” Joshua’s megawatt smile still hasn’t faded until this point of the interview. In fact, it just got even brighter when Janella shared details about her newest song, then he butted in to reveal that he is Janella’s number one fan. Proof? He loves listening to Janella’s first-ever single, “Mahal Kita Pero.”