Gold Squad gets real about relationships shares the feels of working with screen veterans

Ask us what makes Gold Squad real friendship goals, we can start with the basics like team work and just enjoying teenagehood despite major responsibilities to their families, parents, fans, and viewers. But besides that, and probably the most important facet of friendship, is they genuinely love one another. Let all the ‘feels’ kick in as Gold Squad Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin, and Francine Diaz and Kyle Echarri join Toni Gonzaga in this episode of I Feel U.

The girls took on the hot seat first, looking back on their first I Feel U guesting last year at the height of the pandemic. Indeed, the difference a year has made can be easily spotted on Andrea and Francine’s beauty and maturity.

Andrea was only 17 during last year’s interview. Turning 18 in the middle of the pandemic, she had to cancel her supposed Hawaii trip which was the only celebration she wanted. She’s never the type to celebrate birthdays with grand parties. And although she only had it at home, the young actress is thankful to everyone who made her feel special and to those who surprised her with gifts. She also stunned everyone with her debut photos that showcased her transformation and goddess-like beauty

Francine, now 17, said she is not yet ready to enter adulthood, “Parang ayaw kong tumanda minsan.” But as they grow older, their friendship also blooms deeper. They got to know each other more, thanks to the lock-in setup for their current teleserye Huwag Kag Mangamba. It is easier to bond over endless ‘kwentuhan’ and they also got to discover a lot about each other. Andrea learned that Francine only sleeps on the folding chair when not in her own room while Francine discovered that Andrea wears a rosary at night. 

For the next gap, Kyle and Seth talked about their lock-in experiences on set of Huwag Kag Mangamba. They said challenges are still present but the best thing is they get to bond with their co-stars and the production team. Besides, they know work is precious nowadays, so they are driven to prove themselves worthy and they are grateful for this project. 

Seth also revealed that he wasn’t able to join Andrea’s birthday celebration due to quarantine protocols.  Worse, he failed to grant her biggest request which is a pony. She also wants a new blender that costs Php 50,000 but Seth thought it’s too pricey. Seth promised to make it up to her, so maybe Gold Squad fanatics have to watch out how this cute ‘tampuhan’ is resolved soon. 

Kyle, on the other hand, surprised Francine with a bouquet of glow-in-the-dark flowers and a teddy bear on her 17th birthday. 

The quartet also answered questions about millennial relationships. We learned about the pairs’ routines like texting each other ‘good morning’ depending on who wakes up first. For them, it’s never an issue whether a girl or a boy texts the opposite gender first, proving that their generation is a whole new tribe.

They also believe that couples need to update each other about their whereabouts. Andrea explained that there are activities that can make the other partner jealous like partying with the opposite gender. 

Francine, asked if posting about the relationship on social media is a requirement, said we have different love languages. On her part, she would rather want to feel the other person’s love through actions than shouting it out to the whole world. 

In case of misunderstanding, they said the one who made a mistake must also be the first to apologize. “Madalas nagkakamali ‘yung lalaki,” thought Andrea, prompting Seth’s response, “Sa panahon po namin ngayon, kahit babae ang may mali, lalaki pa rin ang nagso-sorry.” Francine chimed in, “Hindi sa lahat.” To cut the debate short, Kyle and Seth quipped, “Next question na lang po, ayaw po namin ng gulo.”

But, Andrea had to let out her ‘hugots’ about being ‘pa-bebe’ and the issues with saying ‘sorry.’ So the debate continued. Seth even had to dig up some ‘history.’ 

On the next question, about boys’ say on a girl’s clothing, Andrea explained that there are two kinds of girls – one that is too independent she finds boy’s opinions annoying, and the other type a girl who loves feeling protected and safe. She falls on the latter category. Francine is not into wearing revealing clothes, thus her future boyfriend will never have to worry about it.

On sharing passwords, Kyle and Francine believe there’s no need to pry on each other’s personal space. He considers it a sign of trust. As if talking from experience, Seth added that sharing passwords will only bring more harm. 

The squad also believes either a boy or a girl can say ‘I love you’ first. Francine clarified she doesn’t received an ‘I love you’ from Kyle because they are just best friends. But it seems Seth has something to spill!

The gang went on to talk about their teleserye Huwag Kag Mangamba, which Francine calls a ‘blessing’ they can share to others. They feel privileged to be part of a show that inspires others especially during this time of a pandemic. They are also honored, and at the same time pressured, to work with screen veterans like Eula Valdez, Nonie Buencamino, and Sylvia Sanchez.

They are also thankful that their senior co-stars are there to guide and help. They never felt treated like newbies but instead their equals. Kyle mentioned that they received a random message from Eula, telling them she watched their shows and she’s proud of their performances. “Hindi nila pinaparamdam sa amin ‘yung pressure, sobra po silang mga mapagmahal na artista,” he added.

For Andrea, working with Eula is a dream come true, that’s why she takes as many pointers from her. There was an instance when she was stunned by Eula’s intense portrayal that she was pressured to keep up, “Kailangan kong pantayan. Kasi noong una akala ko natural lang. ‘Yung mga veterans, ang galing nilang mag-switch. Kahit nagbibiruan sila, kaya nilang i-set aside ‘yung jokes ‘pag trabaho na.

The squad believes Huwag Kag Mangamba is a fitting offering during the pandemic when everyone is fazed by anxiety. They hope viewers will take inspiration from the show to grow their faith and just rely on God amid questions and uncertainties. “Gusto namin maramdaman nila na pagsubok lang ito at walang pagsubok na tatagal sa buhay mo. Nandiyan ang Panginoon na gagabay sa’yo, tutulong sa’yo, kaya Niyang akuin lahat ng problema mo basta ipaubaya mo sa Kanya,” shared Seth. 

Andrea, Francine, Kyle, and Seth thanked everyone for the warm reception and they also invited fans to keep supporting Huwag Kag Mangamba, airing weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.