Get upclose and personal with BGYO as they share inspiring tales, dreams, and trivia bits

The newest boy band to take P-Pop scene by storm, BGYO has inspiring stories of passion and determination. The group composed of Akira, Mikki, JL, Nate, and Gelo open up about their tales of making their dreams happen in this episode of I Feel U.

The group was formed via ABS-CBN’s Star Hunt. They were screened through a series of auditions alongside other hopefuls until the five of them were chosen. The newfound stardom didn’t come easy, thus it feels surreal. The boys even got emotional after their launching, overwhelmed by the support they get from fans. Sometimes the growing attention makes them feel pressured but each day, it also makes them feel grateful and blessed. They are thankful for the chance to showcase their talent and for the passionate support despite the circumstances.  

They also found new family in each other, having grown closer overtime. They have known each other better that’s why it becomes easier to soothe problems and misunderstandings. Sometimes they just know what each other feel without much talking. When one of them feels down because of pressure and other negative circumstances, they would talk about it and relieve the stress with food trips. 

The brotherhood is also a big help in dealing with criticisms. They would admit that listeners compare them to K-Pop groups. In such cases, they would embrace the positive comments and learn from the negative ones. 

BGYO is a mix of talented guys with different musical influences. Akira loves listening to Shawn Mendez and Ed Sheeran because of their soulful storytelling. Mikki is into the music of Justin Bieber, BTS, and Kendrick Lamar.  Nate and Gelo are into K-Pop and they ‘stan’ BTS. The OPM guy of the group is JL, who used to sing the hits of Erik Santos in singing competitions. He also admires Regine Velasquez. 

In a game that tests how well they know each other, the boys mentioned that they all love adobo and sinigang. They revealed that Nate is allergic to all kinds of nuts, seafood, and chocolates. Gelo stands as the leader of the group, so he often checks up on the other members. They all share the same level of ‘kulit.’ They voted for Akira and Gelo as ‘pinakamatakaw.’ Mikki is the sleepyhead in the group while Akira is the cry-baby. The one who tells the corniest jokes? It would have to be Akira as well. Nate and Gelo are the best dancers in the group while the rest learned to keep up overtime through diligent practice. To answer the ultimate question, yes, they are all single! The boys said they are too busy with their careers that they have no time for relationships. For the meantime, their female fans are their ‘love life.’

BGYO is grateful for the support from fans all over the world despite the circumstances wherein they have to make do with virtual performances and interactions. They look forward to performing live soon.

For the final stretch of the interview, BGYO is joined by three of their biggest fans from all over the world. Taylor Watson, a supporter from England, shared that her fascination with BGYO started through a friend’s influence. Jennifer Yacub from Cavite said she fell in love with the group because of their talent and the inspiration they give to fans like her. Rona Dizon from San Juan City admires BGYO for their discipline and genuine personalities.

Answering questions from the lucky fans, BGYO shared that they talk a lot about the future when they feel unmotivated. They also take strength and inspiration from their supporters. They look forward to staging their own concerts around the globe, take on humanitarian drives, and help other people. They hope that five years from now, the name BGYO will be iconic. 

For the places they wish to visit and things to do in England, Akira wants to see the famous Stonehenge and Eden Project. Mikki mentioned the Big Ben. It’s the Brixton for JL and Nate while it’s the British Museum for Gelo. 

Asked to talk to their younger selves, Nate’s message was about enjoying the process of growing and learning. Akira told his younger self to just go with the flow. JL and Mikki stressed the value of not giving up. 

If they weren’t BGYO today, Akira would’ve probably continued his college studies while doing commercial. Mikki would be at home doing online schooling and watching anime. JL would probably be joining singing competitions. Nate is probably training in Korea while Gelo might have continued joining dance competitions. 

Check out this video and get to know more of the boy group on the rise!