I Feel U: Gerald, Yam, and JM get candid about their real-life romances

Hot as the summer weather, Init sa Magdamag torchbearers Gerald Anderson, Yam Concepcion, and JM De Guzman get candid about their real-life romances in this episode of I Feel U.

Before that, we got to meet another young music gem, Sabine Cerrado, or Sab for the Feel Pop segment. Sab is a natural charmer, all smiles as she related her stories to the viewers and host Toni Gonzaga. She’s a college freshman who grew up playing instruments. Sab doesn’t really have to discover her talent in music. It was just in her, running in the family’s blood. Her parents used to sing for a chorale group and the rest of the family are all musically inclined.

But, it was only after she passed her first mainstream audition via Star Music when she saw singing as a career. She stepped on stage without any expectation, thus the surprise when she got in. Stunned, she thought to herself, “Okay, I guess I’m going to be a singer.”

When writing songs, Sab takes inspiration from experiences both personal and from the people around her. Sometimes she’d get the fuel from movies and series. It typically takes her two hours to finish a song but there was a time when she did one in just thirty minutes.

The budding singer-songwriter considers Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Joshua Bassett as her musical influences. She also loves listening to OPM bands like December Avenue and I Belong To The Zoo.

Now that her singing-songwriting journey has officially taken off, 19-year-old Sab aims for recognition and collaborations with artists here and abroad. She wishes to perform with Jayda and Kyle Echarri and her Hollywood idols Taylor and Ed. Check out this video as Sab gives a simple of her musical gift by singing her composition “Always Stay The Same.”


Yam Concepcion

Gracing the show in her fresh-faced look, Yam Concepcion kept it natural and honest as she answered Toni Gonzaga’s questions about love, family, and showbiz.

Yam did not forget to thank everyone first for the good viewership of Init sa Magdamag since its premiere last week. The netizens are all-praise for her enthralling performance in the series. For Yam, who waited ten years to get a lead role, the positive feedback makes the waiting and effort all worth it. The series has been a challenge but she wouldn’t complain because it marks a dream come true for her.

“Pinahalagahan ko talaga kasi I waited ten years to get a lead role. Ito ‘yung pinakauna ko. So, nandun ‘yung satisfaction professionally, parang, wow! Ang sarap sa pakiramdam kasi lahat ng hardwork mo lahat ng pinagdaanan mong struggles bago mo nakuha itong project na ‘to, talagang worth it lahat,” she enthused.

More than the career feat, Yam is proud to give life to an exceptional character and material. She got so used to playing kontrabida that she unconsciously carried traces of her past characters’ nuances. Of course, Jade (from Halik) and Dana (from Love Thy Woman)’s villainy is a stark contrast to her current character, Rita’s softheartedness. Sometimes she’d get corrected by her directors. Instead of getting offended, she welcomes constructive criticisms, paving the way for creative collaboration. She’s glad that her directors are there to help and guide her.

Yam doesn’t take all the credits, lauding her co-stars especially her leading men Gerald Anderson and JM De Guzman. She said there’s something so moving in JM’s eyes that it’s easy to get so real and emotional just by looking him in the eye.

“Si JM, one hundred percent binibigay niya, puso at kaluluwa. May isang eksena kami, tiningnan niya lang ako sa mata plus ‘yung delivery niya ng dialogue, at saka ‘yung truth na binibigay niya sa character niya, grabe! ‘Yung soul ko na-touch, umiyak ako kahit hindi ko kailangan umiyak and kahit after the scene, umiiyak pa rin ako. Ganu’n kalakas ‘yung impact ng acting ni JM,” shared Yam.

While JM is the deep, intense actor, Gerald, on the other hand, is the romantic one. “Magaling siya magpakilig.” These men’s passion motivates Yam to give her all in every scene.

With a brighter career and a rosy romantic life, Yam gets the best of both worlds. From her life as an actress, she went on to talk about her long distance relationship with Miguel Cuunjieng. The quarantine is no longer an issue to this couple, having stood the biggest challenges brought about by distance. Although, they were lucky enough to have spent the holidays in December 2020 as Miguel went to the Philippines. It wasn’t an easy travel, considering the series of tests and isolation period he had to go through. They were together for just two weeks. Yam is set to travel to New York this coming May and she plans to stay in there with Miguel for around three months.

They have been a couple for six years but they have known each other for already a decade. Looking back, Yam thinks it probably was a case of love at first sight. They just met at the wrong time because Miguel was then finishing his Master’s Degree in the States while she’s building her showbiz career. Although, they were both single at that time. “What are the chances na magkakilala kami and you meet somebody na masasabi mo na ‘Oh, my God! Parang siya na!’”

She went on to talk about their first date. As she went home that night, her sibling asked the reason behind her ‘kilig’ as if she was certain she’s found the right guy.  And her response was, “Oo! He’s the one.” The beauty of Yam and Miguel’s love story is that they have seen each other grow while waiting for the right time to start a relationship.

The Kapamilya star would rather call her man “protective” than “jealous.” It is also worth noting that both Yam and Miguel are secured individuals, and this lessens doubt in the relationship. “Hindi siya selfish. Ina-allow niya ako to grow and he respects what I do.”


JM De Guzman

The netizens went wild when a video of JM De Guzman professing his feelings for Arci Munoz went viral. Well, it’s a prank! In this episode, JM clarified once again that it was just part of a gimmick for the wedding proposal of Arci’s brother.

JM and host Toni Gonzaga then had a recap of their last interview wherein he and Arci shared their experiences training for the Philippine Air Force. They have finished the course and are now enlisted officers. JM said it’s his way of giving back.

Looking at his stellar career, one could say that JM is a blessed man, although there was a point when he saw himself unworthy. Learning to count his blessings, he now believes he deserves the good things coming his way. And he takes care of them by loving himself better and keeping the passion for his craft.

Init sa Magdamag brings JM another level of fulfilment as he plays the multifaceted character of Peterson. “Sa pag-tackle ko sa role, may mga natutunan din ako sa sarili ko like paano ako magmahal at paano ako humarap sa mga circumstances.” JM would rather focus on his career and enjoy singlehood, saying, “Hindi ko alam kung magmamahal ako ulit. Trabaho muna.”

Despite the praises from spectators and his co-stars, JM is always humble enough to downplay his talent. He even went speechless when Toni called him a deep, thinking actor. Unlike most actors, JM doesn’t like to extract emotions from his personal experiences. He would rather study and build the character based on the given requirements on the script.

He said he’s extra cautious of his emotional state, making sure he’s mature, strong, and prepared enough for what lies ahead. He doesn’t want to waste what he considers a second lease on his career, his current source of happiness and contentment.


Gerald Anderson

From being the ‘Amboy Hottie’ of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition, Gerald Anderson has evolved into one of the most sought after leading men of his generation. Join him and Toni Gonzaga in a conversation that’s full of ‘feels’ in this episode of I Feel U.

The interview opened with Gerald sharing his lock-in experiences in Tanay for Init sa Magdamag. Going on and off the taping bubble has its pros and cons, and Gerald and the rest of the team went through them for six months. He talked about the emotional fatigue that kicks in by the last round of taping cycle. On the bright side, the set-up kept them in character, and it was a big help, knowing how distracting the outside world can get.

“Sabi ko nga noong kasama ko sina JM, ‘Siguro pagkatapos ng taping na ‘to, ang gagaling na talaga natin. Para kaming nag-training ng anim na buwan,” he said.

Gerald continued, “Despite ng mga pinagdadaanan ko sa labas ng set, kaya ko i-shut off lahat pagdating sa set kasi ‘yun ‘yung naging sanctuary ko, parang outlet ko para malabas ko lahat ng frustrations ko.” He gives credits to his past and present characters, Alex from A Soldier’s Heart and Tupe in Init Sa Magdamag, for helping him cope with the emotional challenges of his personal life. Seemingly tired of explaining himself to the public, Gerald said he can’t undo other people’s opinion but he can give his best on his acting assignments. Thus, he would rather focus on what he has and what’s under his control. It’s an attitude he learned over the years as an actor.

Asked about his biggest frustrations, the Kapamilya hunk talked about how they are easily judged as public figures. He related how artists are treated like “products” and not human beings with emotions and personal struggles and how one mistake can attract tons of bashing.

“Alam ko naman kung saan ako nagkamali. Pero ang dating sa ibang tao, parang wala lang sa akin. Nakikita lang naman ako ‘pag may interviews, ‘pag may lumabas na soap. Pero hindi naman nila nakikita kung paano ako sa bahay, kung paano ko ina-absorb lahat ng ‘to.”

He continued, “Alam ko kung saan ako nagkamali at alam ko kung ano ‘yung dapat kong matutunan. Pero ‘yung tao, parang gusto nilang i-explain ko isa-isa, hindi po ganun, eh.” However painful and difficult, his life’s most controversial season brought him lessons and growth.

These days, we know that Julia Barretto plays a significant role in keeping Gerald happy. Just the mention of her name is enough to make him smile. It’s a kind of bliss he can’t even put into words. “Parang nabibigyan ako ng panibagong motivation. Hindi ko alam, eh. Kasama na rin siguro sa edad ko kasi 32 na ako.”

He would describe Julia’s love as unconditional – always present, giving, and his biggest source of fuel to keep going. “Kumabaga sa tropang sundalo, alam kong nandiyan siya by my side. Siya ‘yung nagbibigay sa akin ng power para ituloy-tuloy ang laban ko sa buhay. Maraming waves na darating pero kailangan tuloy-tuloy.”

To cap off the episode, Gerald, Yam, and JM touched on their ‘feels’ about the burning reception of Init Sa Magdamag. Gerald has worked with different leading ladies in the past but, in this series, he witnessed a brighter star to be born.

He revealed that Yam played a minor role in the film “Won’t Last A Day Without You, which he tobilled with Sarah Geronimo. And now that she’s headlining her own teleserye, Gerald couldn’t help but feel proud and amazed of her journey.“Nakita ko ‘yung init sa mata niya. Nakita ko na ayaw niyang sayangin itong pagkakataon na ‘to. Kahit pagod na pagod na siya, push na push at binibigay ang best,” he said of his leading lady.

JM, on the best thing about working with his co-stars, mentioned that Gerald has an inviting presence. He lauded him for his energy and leadership on the set, and for being a generous actor. The same goes for Yam. He further described their work dynamics as give and take. There’s no competition among them but they work as a team.

These stars have played a myriad of characters in the past but, in Init Sa Magdamag, we are about to witness them like we’ve never seen them before. Yam is proud to portray a character that embodies female strength and empowerment. Gerald said he learned a lot from Tupe’s selflessness and the sacrifices he is willing to go through for love. For JM, Peterson’s sincerity is the best thing about him.

The trio thanked Star Creatives for mounting a teleserye that’s inspiring and full of lessons. They also invited everyone to watch Init Sa Magdamag, weeknights on Kapamilya Channel Online Live, and A2Z.