Edward and Maymay reflect on their 2020, talk about “Princess DayaReese”

I Feel U host Toni Gonzaga welcomed guest entrepreneur Stella Zacarias, a fresh graduate who took a bold step in putting up her own business amid the pandemic.

Just like most young online sellers, Stella thought of ways to keep herself productive during the stay-at-home season. She turned her hobby into a home décor business called Stilla Blooms which translates to “calming flowers.”  Her background in Management was a big help in growing her small business. 

“It’s a home décor business that I started around June kasi yun yung hobby ko. And around that time, sobrang interested ako sa mga anything lavender. Wala akong mahanap na shop na nagbebenta ng real lavender flowers that time,” she recalled.

Stella found a supplier and thought she can also resell the lovely blooms, knowing how much people love lavender. She also thought the work-from-home inspired many to re-decorate their spaces.

She opted to sell dried flowers because of their sustainability and other advantages. “They last really long, mga one year. They’re very low maintenance kasi if you have plants, you have to take care of them and water them. Unlike plastic flowers naman, dried flowers are very eco-friendly and kahit withered sila, kahit dried, maganda pa rin sila at pwede pa rin silang pagkakitaan,” she explained.

Stella’s parents are entrepreneurs as well, thus the passion for business does not come as a surprise. She was inspired by her mom’s grit and she also gets guidance and help from her. Stella is grateful for the opportunity to earn while enjoying her hobby. 

Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber

A teleserye set in Japan, an iWant original series, and travel goals are among Edward Barber and Maymay Entrata’s cancelled plans this year. But that doesn’t stop the shower of blessings for these good souls. They have a new movie offering for the New Year, apart from the lessons and meaningful moments gained this 2020.

The loveteam showed an admirable spirit of positivity, fully embracing the unprecedented changes while looking forward to another year of trying to make all these plans happen. For Edward, delays do not mean denials, and this belief is anchored on his strong faith. He was even supposed to attend spiritual conferences this year to grow his wisdom.

Edward looks at 2020 as the year that challenged yet grew him the most. For Maymay, it reminded her of being human. She thought she’s strong enough to handle anything life throws at her but there came a point when she felt weak especially seeing her loved ones affected. The test of patience filled her with sadness, frustrations, and doubt until she learned a lesson about being okay with not feeling okay. She realized there’s nothing wrong with not having it all figured out yet.

Their friendship is a big help during challenging times. Growing together over the years, Maymay and Edward already know when to let each other alone and when to step in. They’re a tandem in every sense of the word. He’s the ‘liwanag’ while she’s the ‘ligaya’ – complementing each other to create a safe, happy place for them.

Even if Christmas is different this year and she’s far from loved ones and friends, Maymay managed to keep a joyous attitude. She’s happy just seeing her family celebrate together in the province. After all, there’s always another Christmas season to make it up to them.

Maymay is utterly grateful for her mom for cheering her up and just being supportive of her decisions. “Ang daming pagsubok ngayong taon na to, siya ‘yung laging nagche-cheer up sa akin na, ‘Okay lang ‘yan. Kahit bumalik ka pa sa pinanggalingan mo kung nasaan ka dati, tatanggapin kita. Kahit ano man ang maging desisyon mo, susuportahan kita. Ang importante doon, hindi ka sumusuko.’ Masayang-masaya ako na naririnig ko ‘yun galing sa Nanay ko,” she shared.

Maymay knows she can be an over thinker at times. So, she always prays for peace of mind and contentment. 

Edward spent the holidays with his family in La Union. Asked to name one person he’s grateful for, the young actor mentioned his friend and churchmate who are there to guide him like a soul brother. Also a worrier, Edward prays for stronger obedience and patience as he waits on the fulfillment of the Lord’s promises, apart from protection and safety.

Stepping out of 2020 with grateful hearts, Maymay and Edward shared what they’re most proud of about themselves. She taps herself on the back for not listening to the enemy’s lies trying to put her down. She instead learned to be more confident.  

Edward is proud of himself for not quitting and for finding God in his darkest, most lonesome moments. “This year is the hardest one for you. As a person, you had to ask yourself a lot of times. I’m proud of you because in times you felt you had nothing, you found God. You gave everything to Him. You tested yourself and you’re getting stronger,” Edward talked to himself.

Solid MayWard fans from all over the world got to join MayWard in this interview. They said they fell in love with Maymay and Edward’s charm since their Pinoy Big Brother days. They admire how the young stars remain humble and genuine despite their success.

In a game that tests how much they know the pair, the fans thought Edward is more affectionate and loves to send sweet messages. But according to Edward, they prefer calls over SMS. It was also revealed that Edward is more sensitive and the one who holds more feelings.

These supportive fans promise to always stand by Maymay and Edward in every decision they make – even if they choose to grow individually. At the end of the day, they only wish for their happiness. In return, Maymay and Edward thank their fans for showing them respect, apart from their undying support. They’re also glad that everyone has been very patient while waiting for their next movie project which will happen on January 1, 2021!

The charming love team of Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber will bring us to the enchanting world of Reese/Princess Ulap and Caleb in the newest Star Cinema offering, “Princess Dayareese.”

Maymay plays the goal-digger Reese, whose biggest dream in life is to provide his adoptive family good fortune. This ambitious thinking tempts her to grab the offer to take on the identity of Princess Ulap, who renounces her life as a princess for a forbidden love.  

Amidst all the sham, she would meet Edward’s Caleb Abdon, a journalist who lives to tell the truth. Caleb takes on a journey to the isolated Kingdom of Oro to produce a documentary film that will unravel its deepest secrets. So, how will things turn up when the truth seeker crosses paths with the con artist?  

It’s been three years since MayWard headlined their last movie, “Loving in Tandem,” that’s why things felt new again. “One year bago kami nakapag-acting ulit, ‘yung last namin ay ‘yung MMK pa noong November. Thankful pa rin kasi hindi naman kapang-kapa. Itong quarantine at lockdown, tinake-advantage talaga namin para buuhin ‘yung character namin,” shared Maymay. The workshops helped them prepare for the lock-in shooting as well.

Working in a taping bubble grew them a new family. Edward got close with Pepe Herrera, playing his co-journalist in the movie. They’re also happy to have found new friendships with their other co-stars, directors, and production crew.

Edward promised to bring moviegoers a fresh start. “After 2020, we need to restart our lives. There’s ‘kilig,’ love story, laughter, and tears. More than that, it’s a story of revival, redemption, and hope. Especially with the year behind us, let’s start 2021 with this one,” he teased about the movie.

Don’t miss the premiere of Maymay and Edward’s newest ‘kilig’ flick, “Princess Dayareese,” showing in selected cinemas and streaming worldwide this January 1, 2021 on the following platforms: KTX.ph (ktx.ph), Iwant TFC (iwanttfc.com), IPTV, Cignal PPV (my.cignal.tv), and Sky Cable PPV (mysky.com.ph/cinexpress) for only 150 pesos per ticket! Bagong sine, now na! Distributed by Cinexpress!