I Feel U: Dimples, Bianca, Sofia, and Ethel share their motherhood journeys and parenting styles at a time of a pandemic

To give viewers a sneak peek of how ordinary moms deal with their duties in this time of a pandemic, host Toni Gonzaga introduced three Kapamilya mommies Karla Camille Dee, Myla Aratates, and Teresa Magat. These women share one thing in common – they are moms to future superstars!

Kara loves recording her baby daughter’s mini dance performances at home and the produced videos are nothing but a source of good vibes. The work-from-home mother said her child would automatically groove along any kind of tune. Kara’s work setup plus mommy duties can sometimes become exhausting and challenging. But on the bright side, she’s grateful for the unexpected effects of the quarantine period like giving them more time to bond at home, especially since her child’s toddler years entail extensive attention, care, and supervision. It also allowed her to witness every second of her child’s milestones, development, and little quirks and this makes her cling to the more positive outcome of the situation. She now has more chances of playing with her baby and reading her books.

Myla’s kid is starting to show potential as a vlogger. As a full-time mom, she’s more than willing to provide him with her all-out support and care. She knows her child misses going out, so she keeps on introducing creative activities like painting to ease the boredom and learn at the same time. Mommy Myla is a hands-on mother even before the pandemic happened. She’s always been her son’s best friend and they love doing things together 24/7. She promised to be supportive of whatever path her child wishes to pursue in the future, as long as he is on the right track. And no matter what happens, she’d be by his side guiding him every step of the way.

Also a full-time housewife, Teresa continues with her usual routine as a homemaker while adding in more caution. She makes sure that her kids are healthy by giving them vitamins, fruits, and vegetables. Her biggest dream for her children is they may finish their schooling, no matter what course they’d wish to take up in college, as long as they are happy with their choices. At the end of the day, what matters most is seeing her kids fulfilled.


Dimples Romana

Life has its fair share of bad days but Kapamilya star Dimples Romana opts to focus on the good ones. Dimples is known for her intense commitment to her craft as an actress. Sometimes the workload eats up all her time, even the hours meant for her kids Callie and Alonzo. Now that she’s stuck at home due to the pandemic, Dimples is ready to make up for the time and bonding she missed.

Looking at the situation’s silverlining, Dimples shared the crisis was her wake-up call. It gave her a deeper perspective and drive about life. It helped her understand her environment. She misses the usual grind, of course. But on the bright side, she finally found enough time to accomplish long overdue household tasks.

Dimples revealed that her teenage daughter Callie reminds her of Toni Gonzaga, saying both are creative, bookworms, smart and full of wisdom. On the contrary, 5-year-old Alonzo is more expressive.

“I realized na once you become a mother, hindi na sa’yo ang buhay mo. Ang buhay mo inilalaan mo na sa mga anak mo,” she mused. While other mothers opt to become full-time housewives, Dimples chose to become a working mom. But even if she’s not always around due to the demands of her work, Dimples is thankful that her family never made her feel guilty for it. She’s confident that she was able to raise kids who are respectful of other people’s decisions. Her husband Boyet is fine with her choices as well. Luckily, he isn’t the type of man that easily gets jealous over Dimple’s co-actors.

Yet, she knows not everyone would understand her style. To those judging her for not being around the house all the time, Dimples would tell them, “As people, we should never judge other people’s life. ‘Pag wala sa social media, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Now more than ever, we need to be sensitive about other people.”

Talking about her job as an actress, Dimples denied the assumption that real friends can never be found in showbiz. Her friendship with Angel Locsin, Bea Alonzo, and Beatrice Saw would debunk that old showbiz premise. Dimples revealed that Bea is Callie’s godmother. Their friendship alongside Beatrice and the rest of the “One More Chance” cast grew deeper on the set.

Dimples and Angel started to become buddies twelve years ago. Their friendship has gone a long way and in the midst of a pandemic has led them in building a fundraising project for our country’s frontliners. The series of philanthropies intensified Dimples’ admiration for Angel, and for Ann Curtis who also spearheaded the charity drive despite the hectic mom life in Australia. Dimples added that Toni Gonzaga is among those who supported the cause.


Bianca Gonzalez-Intal

Busy mom Bianca Gonzalez-Intal wakes up each day with a grateful heart. Her family is well, she still gets to work even while at home, and the blessings go on. No matter how little or big, she’s thankful for everything.

The biggest adjustment, though in her current work-from-home setup is trying to set boundaries of work obligations and family duties. There are cons, of course, but she would rather hold on to the positive effects. “Ang laking blessing din ‘yung hindi ka na susuong sa traffic. After ng taping, mae-embrace mo agad ‘yung anak mo. May mga unexpected na sarap. At a time like this, grateful lang tayo na may trabaho tayo and we get to do what we do kahit work from home.”

Bianca would admit that being a mother in this era of new normal is physically and emotionally challenging. There’s a struggle between wanting to get updated with current events yet trying to limit the emotional stress and anxieties related to what’s happening. And as much as possible, she doesn’t want to let negativities consume her, knowing that kids are sensitive to their parents’ energy.

She underscored that kids have a wide level of understanding, so there’s nothing wrong with being honest with them about the current situation. “We can start to explain things and naiintindihan nila. Let your children in on what’s happening. Don’t lie to them. Tell things how they really are kasi ang bata intuitive. Kahit hindi mo sinabi, nararamdaman nila,” she told fellow moms.

Bianca’s daughters Lucia, 4 years old, and Carmen, 1 year and 7 months old, remind her so much of the Gonzaga sisters’ relationship. She compared Lucia to Toni, the more responsible and obedient child while Carmen is likened to the ‘wild’ Alex. Despite their differences, Lucia knows how to handle her younger sister like a true ‘Ate.’

When asked about her relationship with husband JC Intal during this quarantine period, Bianca smiled a little, then confessed that they often get on each other’s nerves. She knows test of patience is a normal struggle in every married life. She would admit that the annoyance was raging on the first weeks of the quarantine but they eventually managed to adapt.


Ethel Booba

It’s been five months since Ethel Booba gave birth to a lovely baby daughter she named as Michaela. In this episode of “I Feel U,” the singer-comedienne shared the changes motherhood brought into her life and how she’s coping as a new mom at a time of a pandemic.

There came a point in Ethel’s life wherein she gave up on wanting to become a mother. Not known to many, she had a medical condition that made bearing a child almost impossible. It made her thought that being a second mom to her nieces and nephews is already enough. But then again, life surprised her in the most unexpected hour. She exclaimed during the interview, “Isa na akong ganap na babae!”

Ethel added, “Kasi may mga intriga sa akin na baog ako. ‘Di ko sinasabi na may problema kasi ayoko din mag worry ‘yung family ko. Ngayon may matris ako, hindi ako baog, at nakahabol ako.” So, the moment she had her child, Ethel promised to take care of the miracle she received.

Being pregnant at 42 was definitely a challenge for Ethel. The complications in her red blood cells required her constant blood transfusion and it almost put her own life at risk. Plus, the typical hormonal changes that often played at her appetite and emotions. Add to that the exhaustion from working non-stop despite her growing belly. Ethel was worried about the expenses, so she kept on taking projects despite the pregnancy.

Ethel’s sacrifices do not end there and she’s willing to do more for her daughter. Sometimes she’s even surprised with how much more she could offer her little one. “’Yung magmahal nang higit pa sa sarili ko.   Naa-amaze ako sa sarili ko na parang nagawa kong magtiyaga at mag-sacrifice. Kasi mahal na mahal mo, kaya mong gawin lahat,” she said. Her priority now is her family’s health especially that of Baby Michaela.

With the pandemic halting the operations of comedy bars, Ethel is faced with anxieties on how she’d manage to provide for her child. “Minsan natutulala na lang ako. Parang gusto mong umiyak. Ano kayang mangyayari? Ano kayang future?” She also worries about Michaela’s happiness. “Hindi ko alam kung mae-enjoy ba niya ‘yung life niya, kung makakalabas ba siya, kung mae-experience na niya lahat ng kaligayahan na na-experience ko din,” expressed Ethel.

In the midst of all uncertainties, she draws strength from her daughter and partner. There are still more reasons to smile. And for Ethel, being a mom to Baby Michaela is more than enough. “’Pag may anak ka pala, pwede mong ibigay ang buhay mo sa kanya. Sa kanya umiikot ang buhay ko ngayon,” she said. 


Sofia Andres

Kapamilya actress Sofia Andres describes her motherhood journey as challenging and exciting. Nights are sleepless but she’s happy, for at the end of the day, her Baby Zoe’s cuteness is enough to make up for all the weariness.

Sofia’s shocking announcement about embarking on a motherhood journey received positive reaction from the public. In fact, her daughter Zoe can now be considered as one of the most loved celebrity babies on Instagram, with more than 200, 000 followers. Pure joy can be noted in Sofia’s face as she thanked everyone extending love and support to her little family. 

Sofia would not deny that she was scared at first, not knowing how now-partner Daniel Miranda and both their families would react to her pregnancy. She mustered the courage to tell Daniel and his response was priceless. “That was the first time I saw him cry like a baby,” she recalled.  

When it was time to tell her parents, Sofia sought her sister’s help. The latter got tearful and surprised but she made sure Sofia would get the support she needed. Sofia said her mom got emotional upon getting a hold of her ultrasound photos while her dad was a bit silent and was more concerned on Daniel’s plans for her. She decided to keep the pregnancy a secret to the public in order to avoid stressful situations.

The actress tried to hold back her tears as she talked about how motherhood made her appreciate her mom and dad’s sacrifices, and even the strict parenting style which she totally despised before. “At least, now I understand kung bakit sila ganu’n. Dati galit ako, nagrebelde ako but now I appreciate kung gaano nila ako kamahal and I’m giving it back.”

“I said sorry to them kasi hindi rin naman sinasadya. They said naintindihan nila and blessing din naman ang  bata. Okay na sa’kin ‘yung fact na na-forgive nila ‘yung ginawa ko,” she further expressed. Sofia is grateful for her parents’ selflessness. She said her mom moved with her and Daniel to Australia to help her take care of Baby Zoe. She feels lucky to have a loving and dutiful partner as well, saying Daniel is even more worrisome than her when it comes to Baby Zoe’s safety.

Sofia and Daniel already talked about their future plans especially on getting married but for now, they both agreed not to rush things.