I Feel U: Charlie Dizon and JC Alcantara on having big hearts for their big dreams

The year 2020 has been a rollercoaster ride for JC Alcantara. It started hopeful until the lockdown and the non-renewal of ABS-CBN franchise happened. The circumstances devoured his hopes and he wondered how to get back up again. 

The heavens listened and granted him a sign to uplift his spirits - the digital series “Hello, Stranger,” filmed via Zoom at the height of the pandemic. It marked his biggest breakthrough of 2020. JC bit by bit re-learned to be hopeful. Although he didn’t expect “Hello, Stranger,” to be such a hit, the series skyrocketed him to popularity and opened more doors for him. It was such a success they had to create a movie sequel. 

However, another challenge came prior to the lock-in taping for “Hello, Stranger The Movie.” JC was admittedly mending a broken heart then. He just slowly recovered thanks to his co-stars. He also turned his personal ‘hugots’ into acting weapons, thus he’s able to deliver better in his emotional scenes. 

JC’s journey to showbiz wasn’t smooth-sailing as he had to go through several auditions and rejections. This was narrated in an episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya where he also acted as himself. He said the struggles made him doubt his dreams. There came a point when he thought he’s not meant for showbiz until he landed a commercial deal that changed the course of his career.

Unlike most newcomers who’d take on the quintessential teenybopper roles as stepping stone, JC is a bit bolder and had a unique path. He added that he didn’t expect a BL series will open new doors for him, knowing Pinoy audiences are not yet familiar with the genre. He was admittedly scared at first but he eventually proved that it was worth the risk. 

His journey is a fitting reminder that giving up is never an option. “Kapag may problemang dumating sa atin, hindi tayo hahayaan ni Lord, malalampasan at masosolusyunan natin ‘to kaya huwag kang mag-give up sa mga pangarap mo o sa kung anuman ‘yung gusto mo.”

For JC, a big heart is important in reaching success, “Kasi dapat mahalin mo ‘yung mga tao a paligid mo, mga fans na sumusuporta sa’yo para tumagal sila lalo. Habang papunta ka sa pangarap mo, nandiyan sila para sa’yo.”

Charlie Dizon

The latest chapter in the life of Charlie Dizon was climactic and has ended on a high note. Now, she’s turned in the next page and it looks even more promising. 

Following the back-to-back blockbuster success of “Four Sisters Before the Wedding” where she played Teddy, and “Fan Girl” wherein she portrayed the titular character and was awarded Best Actress for in the recent MMFF, Charlie jumps from one television project to another. 

She recently guested in the MMK “Planner” episode alongside Jameson Blake. She’s also starring in the upcoming series Viral  also with Jameson. Viral follows the story of Charlie’s character who falls victim to a controversial video leakage. She said it’s also about women empowerment. 

This is no doubt one of the busiest and brightest seasons in Charlie’s life. The 24-year-old actress is grateful for the downpour of blessings. More assignments also mean more exhaustion but she wouldn’t mind. After all, she’s fuelled with passion and thirst for learning. And she’s overwhelmed just thinking about God’s faithfulness, knowing her desires are granted, even those she couldn’t even verbalize. 

Trying to rehash the events of her life for the past months, Charlie still couldn’t believe the sudden breakthrough. Everything feels surreal. The year 2020 ended with a surprising, life-changing ‘pasabog’ and she continues to bask in its aftermath. 

The way her career thrived amid the pandemic is something to marvel at – a proof that real stars shine in the dark. And looking back, Charlie learned that breakthroughs are sudden. They come at the most unexpected hour. She would tell aspiring artists to always give their best because they’ll never know when the ‘big break’ is coming or who’s watching them. Just better be prepared. 

The turnaround also reminded her that everything happens for a reason. She never thought she’d be topbilling her own movie and bag her first acting award in 2020. In case you didn’t know, Charlie wasn’t the first choice for “Fan Girl.” 

The circumstances forced Director Antoinette Jadaone’s team to call for another audition where Charlie was hired on the spot. Then, she started filming two days after. She was even clueless of what to expect on the set. 

Doing “Fan Girl” has been a long, thrilling journey that Charlie grew emotionally attached to the film. It now makes her sentimental thinking it has already come to an end. Nonetheless, she’s up for the new challenges that lie ahead. 

For Charlie, anything in life must be done with love. Even acting and dreams require big heart. She also believes that life rewards your kindness and passion, thus anything you give will bounce back to you. 

Kapag mayroon kang big heart, sobrang grateful ka sa mga dumarating sa’yo. Lagi mong iisipin na gawin ng tama at maganda. Mamahalin mo ‘yung ginagawa mo kasi hindi mo rin alam kung kailan talaga darating ‘yung moment na mare-recognize ka o mabibigay sa’yo ‘yung kapalit ng hard work na ginawa mo,” said Charlie.

Before the interview ends, Charlie would fan-girl over I Feel U host Toni Gonzaga, her counterpart as Teddy Salazar. She expressed kilig over the inspiration Toni has given her, “Gusto ko lang sabihin Ms. Toni ikaw talaga ‘yung pinapanood ko sa mga pelikula noon kaya isa ka sa talagang inspiration ko na mag-artista.

Charlie is living the dream. And with her passion and heart for others, the sky’s the limit for this rising superstar.