Ryssi Avila’s Idol Journey

All eyes were on Ryssi Avila as she walked into the Idol Philippines studio to audition, seeking for revival of her passion for singing, which she admittedly lost to a controversy that swirled in social media almost a year ago. 

Well, there’s no point crying over spilled milk. Watching her performance history from “Alipin” to “Kilometro,” we can see Ryssi has slowly flipped that controversy to her own redemption story. And in just a week, we’ll see if her journey will take her to the throne as Idol Philippines Season 2 champion.





Known to many, Ryssi is already a seasoned singer, with covers on social media as her specialty. However, she stopped singing after consecutively breaking up with her partner and getting involved in the relationship issues of an influencer couple, which is why fans were surprised to see her audition for Idol Philippines. Ryssi said she is ready for a brand new start, and she saw the competition as a vehicle. 

Since the audition, the 22-year-old showed her sincerity could be her winning edge. Her rendition of “Alipin” moved judges Regine Velasquez, Gary Valenciano, Moira Dela Torre, and Chito Miranda, and now has five million views on YouTube. She earned a Platinum Ticket from Moira, which automatically brings her to the Solo Round. 


Solo Round  



Ryssi continued melting hearts in her next performances. She poured her soul, runs, and riffs into the classic ‘hugot’ song “Nakapagtataka,” which Chito described as “madrama pero hindi OA.”


First Live Gala Night (Top 12)



It’s her sincere storytelling that moves us all the time, evident in her rendition of “Oks Lang.”


Second Live Gala Night (Top 10)



Mentor Ogie Alcasid described Ryssi’s voice as one you’ll never get tired of listening to. Besides the talent, it’s the heart and her ability to breathe the right emotions into any song that makes her a cut above the rest. Meanwhile, judge Chito jestingly said, “No comment.” But “no comment” means a lot. 


Third Live Gala Night (Top 8)



If she taps on your emotions when she performs, it’s because she diligently studies the lyrics to deliver its true meaning, according to judge Regine. The Asia’s Songbird likes how Ryssi matched “Rainbow’s” happy, hopeful message with a positive energy on stage. 


Fourth Live Gala Night (Top 6)



Proving she can do more, she showed us swag and charisma by owning Sarah Geronimo’s “Kilometro” in the most recent live show, earning her the highest combined judges’ score and public votes, and a spot in the finale.   

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