Kice’s Idol Journey: Charming crooner and game changer

You cannot fault a person for having been born with intense charisma, especially if it’s someone like Kice who works hard to prove that he’s more than just his spellbinding handsome face. He can also sing – Regine Velasquez described his ‘cracking’ voice as sexy – write songs and play the guitar. The judges all agreed that he is meant for stardom. They prophesied girls flocking to his gigs whether or not he wins.

However, for Kice, it’s no reason to be careless. He is determined to bag the coveted Idol Philippines title just the same and showcase a different flavor that not a lot of people are used to hearing in local singing contests.



Fresh and authentic – that’s the kind of vibe he exuded during his audition in front of Idol PH judges Regine, Gary Valenciano, Moira Dela Torre, and Chito Miranda. Naturally, they were drawn to the charm of the 22-year-old, who said he learned the guitar to impress his crush.

As he started to sing Daniel Padilla’s “Nasa’yo Na Ang Lahat,” Kice managed to drive the judges’ attention to his talent. Gary whispered to Moira, “Parang recording.” He was given the chance to perform his original composition, which the judges approved of as well. 


Group Round

Kice stood out during the Group Round where he and his fellow hopefuls performed “Stay” by Cueshe, eliciting a happy smile from judge Gary.


Do or Die Round

His heavenly voice made us believe in paradise during his group’s performance of “If I Believed” in the Do or Die Round.


Solo Round

As he moved forward in the competition, Kice proved that his laid-back attitude is a big part of his magic. He was of the mindset that he might as well enjoy every performance, knowing it might be his last. Chito commented, “While you were performing, naka-smile lang talaga ako buong time. Ang saya-saya mo lang panoorin and that’s very important sa isang performer.” Regine said Kice fits in their standard of an Idol, although he still has room for improvement in terms of singing. Gary added, “Kahit ano pang sabihin ng iba, you’re slowly proving something.”


First Live Gala Night (Top 12)

Armed with a guitar, talent, and stage presence, Kice took our breath away as he sang “Barely Breathing” during the first live gala. Regine gushed, “Ang cute mo sa TV!”


Second Live Gala Night (Top 10)

Showcasing his versatility, he refreshed the slow love song “Ikaw Sana” with a pop-rock vibe that had Regine comparing him to Canadian singing sensation Justin Bieber. During his mentoring with Ogie Alcasid, the latter remarked, “I really like it. Parang gusto ko i-record mo ‘to tapos gusto kong pakinggan, eh.”


Third Live Gala Night (Top 8)

From being in the danger zone in the previous rounds, Kice climbed his way up the scoreboard with 100% combined scores from judges and public votes during the third live show where he sang “And I Love You So.” His voice might have reminded you of Sam Milby’s, his boy-next-door charm of James Reid, but Moira believes Kice will carve his own path as the next big thing in OPM. Chito admitted Kice isn’t the best singer in the batch. However, he has the charisma which is essential in an Idol.


Fourth Live Gala Night (Top 6)

He started mellow, then finished strong with a surprising falsetto in his rock-and-roll performance of “Basket Case” in the recent live gala. Moira echoed what they judges said during Kice’s audition, “I think, Kice, whether you win Idol or not, you are already an idol because you are a total package, and you are not hard at all to remember.”

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