“Sino Ang Mas” with MC, Lassy, and Negi

Angeline Quinto gathered her fellow I Can See Your Voice Singvestigators MC, Lassy, and Negi for a who’s who game in her latest vlog. 

Bukingan time! For the first question in the "Sino Ang Mas" Challenge, Angeline asked the trio to name the most generous among them. While they are not stingy at all, MC can be considered the most lavish when giving gifts even to their staff. 

They also divulged that MC falls the hardest in love, thus it takes time for him to move on from a breakup. Even if his friends introduce him to new guys, he tends to compare the new guy to his ex-boyfriend and from there be reminded of their memories. He also gives unlimited chances despite his friends’ disapproval and even if he already knows he’s being cheated on.

Therefore, they picked him as the most “lulong sa jowa” or one who gets obsessed with a guy, as Negi explained, "’Yang si MC, character niya ‘yung mapagmahal talaga. Kaya nga kahit tangayin lahat ng ipon niya, okay lang.”

Meanwhile, Lassy and Negi can replace an ex-boyfriend fast. Negi explained that he treasures the bond instead of dwelling on negative thoughts, which is why it’s easier to let go.

They’re not a ‘marites’ squad or gossipmongers; they’re just talkative. Admittedly, they tend to jinx each other’s relationship, therefore, “’Pag hindi pa matatag ang relasyon mo sa isang lalaki, huwag na huwag mong ipapakilala.” Lassy recalled a time when Vice Ganda poked fun at his new boyfriend during a gathering, and he didn’t know how to save it from there, “Hiyang-hiya ako.”

They voted Negi as the most forgetful as he often misses his schedule. For the sake of punchlines, they said that Lassy often forgets he’s ugly, especially when he gets attention during their travels abroad. 

But, MC is the vainest. He showers the longest and he doesn’t like getting dirt on his clothes. The game turned extra hilarious when they were asked to choose the most ‘libagin’ or unclean among them as no one wanted to claim the title.

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