Luis Manzano dad duties

We certainly know Luis Manzano as one of the seasoned and sought-after hosts on Philippine television, with the musical gameshow I Can See Your Voice as his latest gig. However, whenever he’s at home, he is such a hands-on and playful dad to Baby Isabella Rose, his firstborn with wife Jessy Mendiola. And we’re able to witness that in his latest vlog, wherein he took on total daddy duties for a day.

He commenced the vlog by telling the viewers that he would give Jessy and their daughter’s angels Ate Mel and Ate Gina some rest for that day for he would take charge of taking good care of Baby Peanut – from giving her a bath, changing her diapers, and feeding her. Thus, he wished himself and their adorable kid “good luck."

Before beginning his tasks for the day, he asked his wife how she was feeling, to which Jessy replied that she was actually “kinakabahan”. After they played with Baby Rosie, the actress enumerated the tasks he has to do, namely giving their baby a bath, putting her to sleep, changing her nappies, reading her books, and feeding her.

Luis started off his daddy duties by teaching viewers the proper way of wiping the saliva off her mouth and of entertaining the baby. But it seemingly didn’t work as their little one just stared at him. He then went on to give her a bath with the help of Ate Gina, and afterwards massaged her face with facial cream. As Ate Gina cleaned her tongue and nose and put on her clothes, Luis was the one who combed her hair. 

He and Jessy then entertained Peanut while having her “tummy time”, or placing her on her stomach that helps in making the neck and shoulder muscles of babies like her stronger. Daddy Luis tried to teach her to crawl by demonstrating how it’s done, but to no avail since her attention was at her Mommy Jessy who was holding the camera. In the end, Peanut lasted in that position for three minutes, which is already an impressive feat.

Just when we thought that he’s going to completely accomplish his mission, the Kapamilya host bowed out from changing Peanut’s nappies and let Jessy and Ate Gina do it instead. They then proceeded on reading her a book and playing with one of her favorite toys.

And for his final task, Luis attempted to put Baby Rosie to sleep by staying as quiet as possible, trying out different slow dance steps, and giving her milk – to which he was seemingly successful. 

The couple capped off the vlog by expressing their appreciation to all people who are taking good care of children, either their own or not. 

“Sa lahat ng mga taga-alaga ng bata diyan, sa lahat ng mommy [and] daddy, lalong-lalo na siyempre sa mga single mom [and] single dad, sa mga caregiver, mga nurse, mga midwife, mgachild aide, mga nanny, hindi po biro ang mga ginagawa n’yo. Sobrang nakakabilib.”

He then went on to impart his realization of how “times a million” challenging it is, especially if the kid you’re taking care of is not yours, which is something that many of our overseas Filipino workers experience. At the same time, it is also difficult to parents who have to work and leave their kids in order to provide their needs.

Of course, Luis didn’t forget to convey his utmost appreciation to his wife, who he regards as the “best Mama in the world”. Jessy then shared her recent memorable experience, in which she had to singlehandedly take care of Peanut after their midwife took a vacation leave, especially during the days when her husband has to go to work. 

“Mahirap siya. So, bilib po sa lahat ng mommies or daddies na walang kasama [o] kaagapay kapag inaalagaan si baby. Bilib po talaga ako sa inyo. Grabe naranasan ko siya nang ilang linggo, ang hirap talaga. I think, binigay sa’kin ‘yon ni Lord para matututo rin ako. Siyempre, new mom ako, para matuto ako nang ako lang talaga. So ngayon, kapag naiwan ako mag-isa kasama si Peanut, kayang-kaya ko talaga,” Jessy related.

The vlog capped off with Jessy asking Luis if he could also do it, to which he simply laughed and acted as if he’s knocked out to sleep.