Luis Jessy Peanut Japan Trip

For the first time, I Can See Your Voice host Luis Manzano and his wife Jessy Mendiola recently took their beloved daughter Isabella Rose to Japan. And they happily brought us to their family vacation through the latest vlog uploaded on her YouTube channel.

On their first day of waking up in the “Land of the Rising Sun,” the family went on a stroll at a park near their hotel accommodation in hopes of seeing sakuras or cherry blossoms, which usually come out in the last week of March. Unfortunately, they were only welcomed with empty branches, which initially made them quite sad since they wanted their beloved Peanut to see it on their very first trip to Japan.

The sadness they felt was replaced with sheer joy and excitement the following day as the couple brought their daughter to Tokyo Disneyland, which was the second Disneyland she ever visited. Jessy might have failed to book as many shows they wanted to catch, yet they were still able to make Peanut experience some of its attractions – from the famous castle to the shows and the neon-lit parade. They were able to meet and greet some of the well-known Disney characters, too, as they roamed around.

Jessy and Luis then met with their friends at a restaurant where they got to try several authentic Japanese dishes, such as sesame-flavored tofu with sakura and bamboo shoot, first-season bonito with flavored ponzu sauce (raw fish), botan shrimp, rich crab claws topped with yuzu-scented tosa vinegar, snow crab dashi shabu with omi beef and Kobe beef.

On their fourth day, the Manzanos seemingly opted to stay at their hotel where they and their companions enjoyed the playfulness and loquaciousness of Peanut, who was caught on cam uttering “Mama” over again and again.

Just when they’re about to give up on seeing cherry blossoms, those finally appeared on their fifth and last day in Japan, certainly much to their delight. They took loads of pictures with the rows of cherry blossom trees as their beautiful background, which they showed in the closing part of Jessy’s vlog.

After their magnificent sakura photoshoot, the couple braved the rains of Tokyo to buy another luggage for all the shoes that Luis purchased.

During this trip, proud and happy parents couldn’t help but observe how their daughter notably ate more, with miso soup being her favorite, as well as how she had become more hyperactive. The weather might not be completely fine, but the lovely family was still able to enjoy their first-ever vacation in Japan together, especially when the sakuras bloomed as if hearing Jessy’s wish. Jessy looks forward to bringing Rosie back there in the next spring season so that she’ll be able to play and run around more outdoors.