Luis Becomes Bayani’s PA For A Day

Just when being the host of I Can See Your Voice and being a husband and dad to his wife Jessy Mendiola and their daughter Isabella Rose aren’t enough to get him busy in a day, Luis Manzano even had himself hired as the personal assistant of his friend and one of the show’s hilarious “singvestigators” Bayani Agbayani for a day, as seen in his latest vlog.

He started his duty by knowing first from his “boss” how he would want to be addressed, to which the comedian replied, “Don Señor Sir Bayani”.  His initial task was to steam iron the clothes that he would wear for the first episode that they’re going to shoot for the day, and was afterwards asked by Bayanito to buy him a turkey ham sandwich from a popular coffee shop, which Luis jestingly refused to obey since he was not sure whether Bayani is bluffing or not.

In order for him to be effective in the position, he asked Bayani’s real personal assistant Noy for an advice, to which the latter responded: “Maging maayos lang din po sa mga ginagawa, tapos maging mabait sa boss po natin.”

Before they proceeded to their first taping for the day, Bayani told Luis that he wanted him to be behind them as they walked going to the studio. He heeded to that request and even ward off everyone who would come their way as they passed through the hallways. In pursuit of giving him the best service, Luis even assisted Bayani while he was eating and even in walking.

The game went on while they were already taping, with Luis serving Bayani his water and warning the other “singvestigators” that they couldn’t simply just talk to his boss. He made sure that he’s going to be comfortable by checking his chair and even giving him a little massage. 

While on break, Luis made Bayani experience his massaging chops, which the latter found not that relaxing because his hand felt like it was of a robot’s. He also showed off his unique way of putting on perfume, which made Bayani feel really awkward yet in a funny way. 

Although Luis frequently forgot the right way of addressing him, Bayani affirmed that he’s satisfied with his service. 

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