Biggest stars on I Can See Your Voice
THROWBACK Biggest stars take fun and excitement to the next level on I Can See Your Voice 1


I Can See Your Voice has truly entertained us with a tinge of mystery, a superb sense of hilarity, and an incredible musical offering that really set it apart from most game shows.

In this thrilling music-mystery game show, we’ve seen several of the biggest stars who joined in the fun in determining who among the SEE-cret songers are the real SEE-ngers or the SEE-ntunados as they go into the Stage of Truth.

And, definitely, everyone either screamed in delight or roared in laughter learning the performers’ true identities and their real singing capabilities.

We’ve witnessed this as four of the country’s most renowned artists guested on the show and made their bet on the SEE-cret songer who revealed their real selves in the end. Everyone’s reactions were priceless.

Before we plunge in to another exciting season, let’s look at how these stars brought fun and laughter to our weekend viewing

Sharon Cuneta

The Megastar really gave us a sentimental throwback with her very first hit song “Mr. DJ” as she was called to share the stage with her choice, the creepy Marlon Paniki, whom she thought could sing as well as her. To her astonishment and disappointment, Marlon, a stand-up comedian, turned out to be a SEE-ntunado and she didn’t finish the number and even walked off the stage in jest.

Vice Ganda

You will never sit silently when you see Vice Ganda onstage. And, when you see him on I Can See Your Voice, it will certainly be one memorable experience. He is also praised for noticing and discovering great talents, and this is what he showed on the game show. Vice picked what seemed to be a cold, indifferent baller wearing a Cavs jersey, who seemed more interested in improving his basketball skills. But when Vice started singing Roselle Nava’s “Dahil Mahal Na Mahal Kita,” and then held his breath when this SEE-cret songer’s turn came, the truth finally came out. The baller, John Andrew Manzano, is actually a professional lounge singer and hit both the high and low notes that enchanted Vice, the Singvestigators and everyone in the audience.


Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

When Asia’s Songbird made her monumental appearance on I Can See Your Voice, she made another mark by using her incredible musical instincts (or is the SEE-cret songer’s butterfly costume a giveaway?) in choosing her somewhat doppelganger. Regine could only jump for joy and make her signature scream when Russel Lim, a singer-comedian, sang her lines in “Be Careful With My Heart” so flawlessly, and was a certified SEE-nger!

Vilma Santos

The Star for All Seasons made a special appearance on her son and I Can See Your Voice host Luis Manzano’s birthday celebration and gave him one emotional tribute. After jokingly greeting his mom a happy birthday since it seemed he said Vilma was the celebrator, since she was the one in tears. Vilma exclaimed how proud she is of Luis, and thanked God for blessing her with a son whom she always fondly calls Lucky, who said had been so generous to those around him and those in need.

Indeed these guestings from revered, exceptional artists really made I Can See Your Voice not only a program for fun and enjoyment, but also a go-to place where we are left amazed seeing the biggest stars in the country.

Who among the country's biggest stars will add up to the list? Find out as the new season of I Can See Your Voice arrives this Saturday, August 10, 2019 after Maalaala Mo Kaya.