PAANDAR 2017: Funniest Moments of Singvestigators in I Can See Your Voice

PAANDAR 2017 Funniest Moments of Singvestigators in I Can See Your Voice 1

Luis Manzano and the Singvestigators of “I Can See Your Voice” keep a very playful environment onstage. Their camaraderie makes for a very entertaining show since they all have impeccable timing, that’s why laughs just keep on coming. In just three months on air, there were already so many moments that had all of us rolling with laughter. Before the year ends, as part of Paandar 2017, let us look back at some of the funniest moments that really made us all laugh out loud.


It all started when the Singvestigators couldn’t help but poke fun at the contestant, “Star For All Scissors,” Alcor Pilapil. With Wacky Kiray starting the first shot, the hits just kept on coming as the group kept adding witty quips. When it was Karla’s turn, she flipped the table by making fun of the judges instead. It was a riot, as half the judges led by Bayani Agbayani started walking out because of the joke made at their expense. It was all in good fun showing that the judges are more than willing to also laugh at themselves.


What was supposed to be a touching moment for “Serbedora Aunor,” May Masculino, immediately turned into a cackle as Bayani told his own story of how his mother was bullied and called an “aswang.” Bayani’s ability to make us go from crying tears of sadness to joy in just a matter of words is truly remarkable. Not only does he make us laugh, he also makes the contestant laugh in the face of her own adversities.


Being a former love team, one of the show’s funniest moments come from Kean Cipriano and Alex Gonzaga and the other members of the show, poking fun at their “past relationship”. In one episode, Alex throws some shade in Kean’s way, however, the joke easily backfires as she gets dragged into the butts of jokes from the other Singvestigators.


Alex can truly be quite frank at times, a fact that Bayani was reminded of during one episode. What started as a harmless joke from Bayani suddenly made us roll with laughter when Alex decided to call his bluff and ask him if he actually found himself good-looking. The Singvestigators have certainly created a bond since they are no longer afraid to pull punches when it comes to each other.


Bayani and Andrew E are practically comedy legends, and when they get together in the show, we all know it’s bound to make everyone laugh. Usually butting heads to the amusement of everyone else, Andrew E chooses to side with Bayani on this rare occasion. This prompts Bayani to kiss his fellow Singvestigator on the cheek, a lighthearted moment that gets everyone laughing from sheer cuteness.


It doesn’t take much for this wacky group of Singvestigators to make us laugh. Sometimes at the contestant’s expense, other times at the guest’s, but most of the time at each other’s. When Wacky decides to make fun of KZ Tandingan’s lack of height, his fellow judges betray him and quickly jump to make fun of his lack of hair. In this show, if you want to dish it, be prepared to take it too.


Luis Manzano certainly has his hands full reigning in his riotous Singvestigators. He succeeds most of the time, but there are moments where he finds himself at the mercy of the jokes the Singvestigators crack. One moment finds him on the floor kneeling unable to keep it in when Bayani decides to let loose. Luis is partly to blame since he kept on egging Bayani to keep on going until he couldn’t stop laughing that he had to kneel.

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