WATCH: ‘Pranking Mommy Pinty’; Alex at Toni, nag-away!

As we all know, whenever ‘sissums’ Toni and Alex Gonzaga are together, good vibes will surely come our way. With their talent and wit, we can never guess what’s coming when the two of them joined forces together. And in this vlog, these ‘sissums’ just proved that they can surprise anyone even their Mommy Pinty.

At first, Toni and Alex settled down on a couch with Mommy Pinty to start things up. Both being actresses, they are already in their characters even before they started to commence their prank upon Mommy Pinty. They just talked about their “topic” and throw in some side comments about each other. Later on, things started to get more serious as Toni insisted that Alex should have some “substance” in everything she does, while Alex pointed out that Toni is just so boring and so “serious” all the time.

Mommy Pinty just laughed off the intense exchange of the “heated” sisters, but not until both Toni and Alex cried in front of her. As they both laughed and cried at the same time, Toni and Alex savagely hurted each other physically. So Mommy Pinty began to get all serious.

Although Mommy Pinty isn’t talking too much, she got pissed off as seen in her facial reaction. She tried calming Toni and Alex and tried to be fair to them both. The helpless Mommy Pinty took Toni’s side then took Alex’s side too. She reiterated the valuable points of each side, but her strategy wouldn’t work for these two ‘sissums’ of course. And among the many words in her mind, Mommy Pinty only voiced out a little and here’s one of the strongest: she told Toni and Alex straight that she is starting to get ashamed of their actions because there are other people in the room.

When the Gonzaga sisters announced what was really happening, both of them had big laughs. Meanwhile, Mommy Pinty revealed that she was just stopping herself from crying and saying some hard-core things because of those other people in the room. Other people in the room also thought that what’s happening is real, especially their Uncle Jojo who wasn’t able to stop himself from sobbing.

What a sweet success for ‘sissums’ pranksters Toni and Alex Gonzaga! Watch the real action of their prank on the video above, and watch more of their catfights in their first-ever film together titled “Mary, Marry Me.”