How these guest singvestigators made I Can See Your Voice a delightful weekend treat!

Aside from the excitement that we always get from the out of the usual mechanics of the game, I Can See Your Voice always fills our weekend nights with good vibes by continuously surprising us in adding some twists to the show. One of those surprises that truly entertained us all is the existence of the wackiest guest singvestigators that joined the show. In those few episodes where they took the place of some of our resident singvestigators, these guest singvestigators didn’t fail to make us laugh our hearts out.

Let’s look back on five of the wackiest guest singvestigators who gave us some extra fun nights with our I Can See Your Voice family.

1. Jessy Mendiola

Real life leading lady of I Can See Your Voice host Luis Manzano became a guest singvestigator last December 2018 during the Kris Kringle episodes of the show. Luis’ ‘haw-haw’ became part of the I Can See Your Voice family’s exchange gift, and even showed off some of her cool dance moves while giving her comment about the contestants in the show.

2. Zanjoe Marudo and Angelica Panganiban

Playhouse stars Zanjoe and Angelica guested on the show during the pilot month of their teleserye in September. Along with the veteran comedienne Brod Pete, Zanjoe and Angelica filled in the place of Alex Gonzaga and Andrew E who both couldn’t make it to the show due to some of their prior commitments.

3. Rufa Mae Quinto

On the birthday episode of Andrew E, he was given the opportunity to experience how it feels to be the guest artist who needed to guess who among the contestants is the real singer. To fill in his seat, in demand sexy comedienne Rufa Mae guested on the show and made everyone extra happy with her effortless jokes.

4. Juliana Parizcova Segovia

It’s Showtime’s Miss Q and A first ever grand winner Juliana Parizcova Segovia guested on the show several times in the past few months. Giving us the wittiest comments and making us all laugh with his banters with Wacky Kiray, Juliana made the show extra fun indeed. Juliana’s first guesting happened in July 2018 when he first filled in the place of Angeline Quinto and Kean Cipriano, who both had to tend to their prior commitments.

5. Empoy Marquez

Lastly, the new generation leading man Empoy Marquez guested on the show on the birthday episode of resident singvestigator Kean Cipriano, who became the guest artist on that night being the birthday celebrator. Empoy made us giggle by sharing some out of this world words from his own funny vocabulary, and his banters with resident singvestigator Bayani Agbayani.

These guest singvestigators truly made I Can See Your Voice a delightful weekend treat!