7 most hilarious moments of Bayani Agbayani in I Can See Your Voice that left us ROFL-ing

7 most hilarious moments of Bayani Agbayani in I Can See Your Voice that left us ROFL ing 1

Our weekend nights have been more enjoyable and filled with good vibes courtesy of the funny gang of I Can See Your Voice spearheaded by host Luis Manzano.


Initially, he was joined by five SINGvestigators from the Sing of the Crime Operatives (SOCO) composed of Alex Gonzaga, Andrew E, Angeline Quinto, Kean Cipriano, and Wacky Kiray. But the panel got zanier and wilder with the arrival of seasoned comedian Bayani Agbayani as he constantly provides us with rib-tickling jokes and antics and humorous anecdotes that never fail to send us into boisterous laughter.


If ever you need a picker-upper right now or just want to revisit some giggling moments of him on the mystery music show, here’s the playlist you’re probably looking for.


The 49-year-old comedian is always taunted for his wrong grammar and irrational responses to the reactions and questions thrown at him by fellow SINGvestigators, Luis, and the guest artists. However, everything turned around this time when he received praises for his witty punchline about the unnoticed link of singers and playing chess.


We, Filipinos, have a famous aphorism “Magbiro ka na sa lasing, ‘wag lang sa bagong gising.” But he has a different, funnier take on this: “Ay lalong huwag kang makikipagbiro sa hindi pa gumigising.”


Prior to that, he also attempted to use millennial terms in his comments, but gave up and settled on the oldies’ slangs.


Following his hilarious anecdote of his mom being mocked as “aswang”, Bayani brought his mother and older sister to the show. Of course, his moments on ICSYV wouldn’t be complete without doing a joke, and even his family was not spared from his shenanigans.


His fellow SINGvestigators and Luis always make fun of their resident genius, just like in this episode when they tested his reading skills by having him pronounce the surname of Fil-Am Hollywood singer Nicole Scherzinger.


According to the host, there are rumors spreading around ABS-CBN that people find it hard to tell the difference between Bayani and heartthrob James Reid, who was the guest artist in this episode. Finally, the two had their much-awaited face-off.


This could be the drollest moment of the comedian in the show wherein he tried to uplift the emotional contestant, who experienced bullying in her younger years, by giving him encouraging words and imparting that their family experienced the same.


Everyone seemed touched to hear his story and their tears were on the brink of rolling on their cheeks, until he dropped the most unforgettable punchline we have ever heard!


Pining for more of these LOL-ing moments? Don’t miss an episode of I Can See Your Voice, Saturdays after Maalaala Mo Kaya and Sundays after Rated K.