Touching ways I CANdidates open their hearts

The weekly celebrity talent challenge show I Can Do That is one truly revealing and exhilarating show of guts and glory. Witnessing how celebrities outdo themselves to achieve feats they never tried before not only thrills and exhilarates us as it proves world class Pinoy talent, it inspires us as well in our own life journeys to keep on going despite setbacks and struggles.

But above all, I Can Do That shows humanity at its finest. I CANdidates not only leave the audience spellbound, they make them feel the love.

Here are the two heartwarming instances when ICANdidates open their hearts for everyone to feel and experience.

1) When they feel for their mentors

I CANdidates Cristine Reyes, Arci Munoz, Pokwang, Daniel Matsunaga, Gab Valenciano, Sue Ramirez, JC Santos and Wacky Kiray express fulfillment after performing those skills taught by their impressive mentors, but would end up in tears.

Why? It was not only because those challenging moves were difficult to learn, but also because the life-threatening, risky maneuvers were their mentors’ source of living. As such, they would try their very best to nail it, all for their mentors’ sake, even if they endure mishaps or accidents along the way.

Cristine expressed admiration for stand-up comedy mentors Pabeki Gays, whose over the top parodies sometimes leave them beaten and bruised, yet only earn a miniscule amount from their performances in fiestas.

“Para makapagpasaya ng tao, hindi po siya gano’n kadali. Talagang isinasapuso siya,” Cristine tearfully commented.

Kiray also wept as he related and understood the ordeals his mentor for the Aerial Silk Dance, Louie Lorenzo, goes through each day. “Kung titignan nyo ang kamay ni Louie, nakakaiyak,” Kiray said referring to his mentor’s callous hands as he tries his best to perfect the dance act.  “Kasi, lahat ginagawa niya, yung effort niya.”

Sue Ramirez admitted that she got frustrated every time she failed doing some of the routines in their juggling act because she didn’t want to disappoint their mentors, the Atienza Brothers. Aside from that, the young actress’ voice faltered as she relayed the sentiments of their mentors on whose going to inherit their stunt. “Sa mga anak po nina Papa Ambo at Papa Kennedy, manahin n’yo kasi sobra-sobrang halaga nito para sa kanila,” Sue implored.

JC Santos got everybody emotional as he cried not because of their breath-taking and strenuous “Strong Man Act”, but of the idea that it’s the source of living of their mentor Nestor Sabio. “Ang hirap. Sasaktan mo ‘yong sarili mo para kumita ng pera? First time kong maka-experience nang gano’n. ‘Yong ganitong klaseng trabaho, sobrang nirerespeto,” JC said.


2) When they feel like family with fellow I CANdidates

As Pokwang decided to quit the competition to spend more time with daughter Mae, who’s leaving for Paris for a six-month internship, she felt sad that it meant leaving her family in the show.

“‘Yong kompetisyon nandyan ‘yan, hindi mawawala ‘yan. Pero sa ‘yong love, ‘yong suporta sa isa’t isa, i-[maintain] n’yo ‘yon kahit wala na tayo sa I Can Do That, kahit wala na ‘tong show na ‘to mag continue tayo na may bonding tayo,” she said in her goodbye message.

More so, they all became family to one captivating yet seemingly lonely breakout star JC Santos. Being a son to Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) parents, he felt alone most of the time since he was a kid. Thus, he has been very grateful to I Can Do That for giving him the love that he has been yearning for.

While he said he was warned about not having real friends in his new world of showbiz, JC said his fellow I CANdidates proved them wrong. “Nakahanap ako ng diamonds, at sila ‘yon.”

For Sue, instead of exuding bitterness on her defeat, she was indeed happy and thankful for the moments she cherished with her contenders for almost three months and for the love and support they have given her all throughout since she only seldom see her real family, just like JC.

“Nagkaroon ako ng pamilya rito – na sobra-sobrang inalagaan ako, sobra ‘yong gabay na binibigay nila sa’kin, sobra ‘yong motivation. Iba kasi ‘yong pakiramdam na may nagsasabi sa’yo na ang galing mo e. And sila ‘yon”, she tearfully remarked.

Their bond will truly be unforgettable, and as I Can Do That holds its grand finals this weekend, we are sure to witness one memorable, climactic end to determine the first “Greatest Entertainer”! Will it be Cristine, Daniel, Wacky, or Gab? Find out this Saturday after MMK and Sunday after Rated K.