Iba ‘Yan pays tribute to devoted, inspiring moms on Mother’s Day episode

An entire day is not and will never be enough to pay the greatest tribute and honor to the person who dedicates her whole life in making sure that we live the life we deserve. Thus, to celebrate Mother’s Day, Iba ‘Yan featured in its latest episode three devoted and loving mothers and mother figures who are always willing to sacrifice for their children and family.

They say that being a mother doesn’t require someone to be blood-related with the child they choose to love and take care of. Just like Bernardita “Tita Baby” Amor, a cancer survivor-turned-social worker and missionary who takes on the responsibility of putting under her care persons with disabilities and cancer patients. Despite having two miscarriages, Tita Baby was still grateful to have the chance to be a mom to the baby of her sister who got pregnant when she was still a teenager. Iba ‘Yan gave her maintenance medicines for her grandchild who has nephrotic syndrome, a complete jogging outfit for her, and a personalized necklace.

Host Angel Locsin then met two other loving moms, Nanay Alma Enario and Mary Blessie Joy Lutcha, who were given a Mother’s Day getaway so they could relax and unwind. The program also prepared fun activities for them, first was the clay doll making where Angel was able to know more about Nanay Alma or more commonly known as “Nanay Gaming” on social media since she’s actually an online gamer or streamer.

Nanay Alma assumed the responsibilities of being a mother and a father to her children as her husband works abroad in order to provide for them. Aside from making sure that she’s always present for her children, she also needed to help her husband in providing the needs for them, so she decided to also have her own job. She admitted that it was indeed a very huge and challenging responsibility, yet it’s very rewarding at the same time, especially if she sees that her children are doing their best to study hard.

And during this pandemic, Nanay Alma was influenced by her children to play the popular mobile game called Mobile Legends. At first, she doubted that she could also play it, but her children guided her in learning it. That’s when Nanay Alma decided to have her own page where she could stream live on social media, wherein she could play the game while making many players happy as well. Not only that because she’s been also earning from her live streams online!

Thus, she was very happy to receive an LED monitor and gaming speakers from Iba ‘Yan since she really needed those, “Nanay Gaming” merchandise that includes caps, mugs, jackets, and shirts as well as groceries for her family.

After bonding with Nanay Alma, Angel then had the chance to talk to another “Super Nanay”, Mommy Blessie, a mom of two adorable kids. When she became a teenage mom to her eldest son Zac, she confessed not being prepared for the responsibilities of being a single parent. That’s why she was very grateful for her mom who was there to support and guide her. Blessie shared that when she first laid her eyes on Zac, all the worries were gone. It also didn’t take a long time for her to meet the man who became her partner who wholeheartedly loved her and Zac.

Eventually, she gave birth to her second baby, Zuan, who was diagnosed with a liver infection that could affect his whole body. So, in order to save him, he needed to undergo an operation as young as two months old.

However, just two weeks after the operation, they noticed that Zuan’s skin was turning yellow again and he also had stomach enlargement. The doctor told them that the operation was unsuccessful and that they needed to prepare approximately Php 3 million for his liver transplant. It was one of the most depressing times for Blessie that she reached the point where she questioned God why they were given a problem that’s beyond challenging. But what kept her going was the strength that her son showed while he was battling his illness.

Blessie absolutely did everything just to raise funds for the operation of Zuan – from selling used stuff from her friends and family and selling printed shirts, to begging outside and standing with a signage on her chest that says “please help me save my child from death” just to have a wider reach in asking help from people.

And she was fortunate enough to have been approached by a random man who asked for her permission if he could take a picture of her so he could post it on social media. From the moment it was posted online, Blessie started to receive massive help from people and they were immediately able to save money for the operation of Zuan. They were even more fortunate to have flown to India where he successfully had his operation. And aside from taking good care of him, it was still Blessie who had a very vital role in her son’s operation since she served as the donor during his liver transplant.

Iba ‘Yan gave Blessie gifts, including a pampering kit and a laptop that she can use for online selling. She also received books, flash cards, and a lightweight stroller for Zac and Zuan, as well as groceries, childcare package, and cash assistance for the regular medical checkup of Zuan.

Finally, Angel the whole team both gave Nanay Alma and Blessie more surprises – heartfelt video messages from their respective husbands and artworks made by their children especially for them. They also received more gifts, including a necklace and a bouquet of flowers.

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