Iba ‘Yan pays tribute to caregivers, gives joy to the elderlies of Josefheim Foundation

Known for our close family ties, it’s common for us Filipinos to have an extended family setup. Aside from having our parents and/or siblings under one roof, there are also some of us who foster our elderly kin. 

However, there are some whose families aren’t able to take them in due to various reasons, so Iba ‘Yan chose to feature several of them, as well as those kind-hearted people who give their all to take care of them, in the January 10 episode. 

Fortunately, there are non-government organizations who are willing to assume that duty, like the Josefheim Foundation Inc., which serves as home for the abandoned senior citizens. Sadly, because of Typhoon Ulysses that devastated the country last year, they were compelled to seek temporary shelter at an evacuation center.

Host Angel Locsin got the chance to talk to Father Dari Dioquino, one of the founders of Josefheim Foundation Inc. Growing up with his grandparents who were friends with priests at his hometown in Sorsogon, as well as having kind employers in a shoe factory who were also elderlies, Fr. Dari became close with old people.

These encouraged him to enter the seminary, wherein he’s able to serve the elderly in an orphanage. This made him more passionate to serve the elders, so when they saw one living on the streets, he decided to build the foundation when they saw elderlies on the streets as he felt the need of taking good care of them.

Angel also had a touching conversation with one of the foundation’s caregivers Lucy Lobos, who has been working in the foundation for almost two years now. She imparted how fulfilling this job is as for her as this makes her feel like looking after her parents who are currently in the province – with her mom working as a farmer while her father is suffering from mild stroke.

One of the beneficiaries of the foundation and being taken good care by Lucy is Juanita Tan. Lola Juanita said that she already considers Lucy as her daughter whom she loves very much. And since Lola Juanita will be celebrating her 80th birthday on January 31, Iba ‘Yan gave her a set of clothes and foot massager as a gift. Lucy also received a dress and shoes, as well as free review for the Licensure Examination for Teachers for her graduating daughter, as well as cash assistance for her ill father.

Another beneficiary of the Josefheim Foundation is Antonio “Tony” Jumawid, who used to serve in the church as a lay minister. For the most part of Tony’s life, he was giving his service to the Lord and was helping his family. Although it seems like he’s the one who needs help now, he’s grateful for the people he has been with inside the foundation because they take care of him. Iba ‘Yan gave him a Bible, a brand-new wheelchair from God Is Able Foundation, and maintenance medicines, as well as financial help for his brother.

To give them a dose of entertainment, the elderlies were serenaded by singer Mitoy Yonting. The foundation was also given hygiene kits, relief goods, care packs, and maintenance medicines, as well as provided them brand-new drawers, organizers, and dividers, for the new house of the Josefheim Foundation.

May this episode of Iba ‘Yan inspire us to not only live for ourselves and be of service to other people as well. Get your weekly dose of touching stories and reach out to our fellows who are in need by not missing an episode of Iba ‘Yan every Sunday evening on the Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live and A2Z.