Iba ‘Yan looks back on the inspiring stories, shares improved situations of people, groups featured in past episodes

We have all witnessed for more than a month how Iba ‘Yan extendeded help to our fellow Filipinos who have shown immense concern not only for themselves, but also for their communities. And for its fifth episode aired last Sunday (July 12), the show had a recap of the inspiring stories of the “unsung heroes” featured in the previous episodes and how they were able to help their families and communities through the “blessings” or aid they received from Iba ‘Yan.

On the first week, host Angel Locsin met Father Flavie Villanueva, the compassionate priest who, for the longest time, has been helping the homeless in his community. Having experienced a harrowing life before priesthood, as he used to get addicted with various vices, this motivated him to help other people, especially the homeless, via initiating the creation of a systematic program for the homeless dubbed the KALINGA program or “Kain, Ligo Nang Ayos.” 

WATCH: Kalinga center honored and provided with new safe shelter for the homeless

Inspired with Fr. Flavie’s awesome deed, Iba ‘Yan handed him 2000 kilos of rice, 100 relief bags, and 40 gallons of alcohol, as well as additional source of income through the foot taps introduced to them by Engineer Albert Pizarro. Since the team visited and helped them, there has been an evident change in the program of Fr. Flavie for there have been nameless good samaritans who have sent help through giving sacks of rice, food supplies, and other necessities, and even depositing monetary donations to their bank account. 

And since Fr. Flavie and his people had to leave the school which served as their temporary safe shelter, they transferred to a vacant shelter in San Jose del Monte where his people can stay not only during the whole period of the pandemic, but for a much longer time. The priest also expressed his gratitude to Iba ‘Yan, saying that they have already created 98 foot taps and they’re just waiting for upcoming orders.

Moving on to the devoted fishermen of Mauban, Quezon, who were featured in the second episode, Angel looked back to her conversations with Kuya Pablito, John Cris, Tatay Ferdi, at Ka Noel. It can be recalled that Pablito and John Cris appeared on the news when ABS-CBN News team spotted them still catching fish amidst the devastation of Typhoon Ambo in Luzon, including the coastal city. As their boat got destroyed, they were compelled to just sell fish, which was actually not enough for them to feed their respective families. Thus, Iba ‘Yan gave them a fishing boat that could help them go back to fishing.

WATCH: Iba ‘Yan reaches out o fisherfolk community devastated by typhoon Ambo 

Another fisherman was Tatay Ferdi, who wasn’t able to be with his children for a long time as they lived with their other relatives after his wife passed away. As the second episode coincided with the Father’s Day celebration, Iba ‘Yan gave him an invaluable gift as they looked for his two other children and helped them reunite – by bringing his daughter Maridel to him and contacting his son Harold via video call. Adding to his happiness was the tricycle the program had given him that could help him sell his catch.

Not only were these three fishermen able to receive aids from Iba ‘Yan for the rest of Barangay Sadsaran fisherfolk were also given relief bags and “ligtas bags” which contained emergency kits.

When the team asked how the situation of the fishermen turned out after that day, they were glad to know that both Pablito and John Cris were still dedicated to work hard for their families and their lives have improved since then. John Cris also shared the good news that there’s a possibility that he and his wife can still bear a child. Meanwhile, Tatay Ferdi was still very grateful for the chance to be reunited in the flesh with his daughter.

For the third episode of Iba ‘Yan, Angel delved more into the life of a devoted teacher who remains hopeful of providing a bright future for the education of the youth, and the narratives of students who continue to strive harder in hopes of reaching their dreams in Sitio Baloc of San Pablo City, Laguna. She went to Don Arsenio Escudero Sr. Memorial School where she met Roberto ‘Bob’ Latag Mitra, the school’s head teacher, who led the improvement of the school.

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One of the things he did was to provide water in the school and had it extended outside so that people could also benefit from it, as well as made sure to improve the facilities of the school, in hopes of persuading more parents to enrol their children. 

Iba ‘Yan helped them to disinfect the chairs and tables, and put plastic covers around the tables to observe safety protocol, as well as gave them two printers ready with ink so they can print the online modules and a flat screen television with a hard drive containing educational programs. They also distributed 200 relief goods from the Sagip Kapamilya Foundation that contained 200 bags had face masks, face shields, and vitamins in it, and added 2,500 more face masks. Meanwhile, the local government gave face masks, sanitizers, and vitamins for the teachers and students, as well as dividers and bond papers that would be very useful for other adjustments.

Angel, on the other hand, handed Bob a brand new laptop and the teachers teaching kits with complete set of materials. Bob would also be given 30 solar lamps that he could share to their community. 

The team also got to meet Diana Aranzado, an alumna of the said school who volunteered to help in its sanitation, and the school’s top student Ahriel Leysa who imparted having a hard time studying at home because of the absence of electricity in the area. Both of them also received invaluable gifts from Iba ‘Yan as the City Government bestowed them scholarships, making them a step closer to their dreams to finish their studies.

After a week, Bob related that there has been a huge improvement in the school as in-kind and monetary donations continue to pour for their school. He shared that people abroad have been messaging him expressing their willingness to help in improving the situation of the school and they also received 50 rims of bond paper which can greatly help them in producing the modules for the students. The number of enrollees also ranked up from 102 to 170, including Ahriel.

Lastly, Angel and the whole team extended a little help for some of our jeepney drivers who cried out for nothing but their return to the streets. She met Jimmy Escalante, a member of a group of jeepney drivers from Balintawak, Quezon City who have been stuck in their terminal for almost four months because of lockdown. Iba ‘Yan made sure to leave something for the drivers by setting up medical booths to provide them free health consultation, vitamins, and medicines; a “trabahanap booth” to help them find a new job suitable to the experiences and abilities of the drivers while it’s still uncertain for them to go back to driving and tapping viral street barber Joseph Dante to give them free haircut.

WATCH: Angel provides help, gives surprises to jeepney drivers in Iba Yan

Angel also got to meet and help Mang Kulot Mondoñedo, a jeepney driver who suffered from a psychotic break where he experienced being out of touch with reality because of the lack of support from people, lack of basic necessities like food and security, and his worries for his work – all of these combined. To help Mang Kulot continue his recovery, the team covered his expenses in going back to his home in Surigao and being with his family again. He was also given food and vitamins, and Angel assured him that he should not worry about his daily check-ups and his medicines because the show’s team will make sure they will provide him all of his needs.

Moreover, there was Mang Alberto Gloria, a jeepney operator and driver from Anonas, Quezon City, who already had his jeepney fixed and setup according to the safety protocols mandated by the government in hopes of possibly going back to work in the new normal landscape. In order to help Mang Alberto, the team disinfected his jeepney and gave him and Mang Jimmy disinfectant machines so they can be fully prepared once they can go back to work. The team also invited Kin Manalo, a college student who started a donation drive for jeepney drivers, and gave all the relief bags she was able to have from the money she gathered. The team also coordinated with architect Jaecelle Gecolea to come up with a prototype jeep that is suitable for the health protocols observed.

And for the grandest surprise, Iba ‘Yan brought Jimmy and his wife Emilia to their house in Rizal which the team had renovated and furnished, and even putting up a mini store that can be an additional source of income for them. 

Mang Alberto has now gone back to work, while Jimmy and his wife lives more comfortably as they focus on their mini business.

What’s going to be the next mission of Angel and her team? Let’s find out by watching the upcoming episodes of Iba ‘Yan on the Kapamilya Channel every Sunday.