Iba ‘Yan gives joy, pays tribute to stand-up comedians in “QuaranTAWANAN” episode

Most livelihoods have undoubtedly been affected due to the pandemic. More than a year has passed since the disaster started but most Filipinos still haven’t risen up from their difficult situation, such as those who are in the entertainment industry. Thus, Iba ‘Yan chose to feature the inspiring stories of three talented standup comedians, and extend help to them at the same time, in its latest episode last March 21 dubbed “QuaranTawanan”.

The program gave each one of them the opportunity to perform onstage once again after comedy bars were forced to shut down because of the pandemic. First was Frederiko Sumayod, or more popularly known as Dionisia Clara Dela Fuente. He had his television debut via the It’s Showtime’s Miss Q & A Intertalaktic 2019, wherein he was able to amuse us with his talent in voice impersonation and his impressive wit that bestowed him the “Best in Chukchak” award.

As a standup comedian, what he usually does is impersonating Filipino celebrities, like Gary Valenciano, Bugoy Drilon, and Claire dela Fuente. He actually experienced working as a standup comedian in Dubai with the help of his friend who recommended him. However, he only got to work there for two years because he felt like becoming stagnant and decided to go back to the Philippines.

But behind his comic personality are the trials that he strongly faced. One of the hardest challenges that he encountered was when his mother was rushed to the hospital while he was performing. As a breadwinner, the pandemic made him depressed as he felt like he couldn’t support his family enough in terms of their expenses.

So, as a way of helping him and cheering him up, Iba ‘Yan gave him groceries, makeup kit, ring light, microphone, sound card, maintenance medicines for him and for his mother, and food cart and package for the food business he’s been yearning to have.

Another standup comedian that Angel was able to talk to was Mango Reyes. Prior to entering the comedy industry, he was faced with huge challenges since he was young. He lost his mother at a young age, that’s why he assumed the huge responsibility of being the eldest child at an early time. He took on several odd jobs – from selling mineral water in buses to working as a service crew, talent, and band vocalist.

When he finally joined the comedy industry, Mango was given the opportunity to work abroad, was able to save money for his family through this. He was able to buy a house and brand-new car, as well as support the education of his siblings. However, the hardest phase in Mango’s life was when he wasn’t able to meet his estranged father, who he hadn’t seen for a long time, before his heartbreaking death.

Although the situation has been very hard for Mango because of the pandemic, he’s still very grateful that he can still hold live shows through online streaming. He told Angel that everything he does will always be for his family who serves as his inspiration and motivation, especially his beloved grandmother. To help him, Iba ‘Yan gave him groceries, ring light, and a burger business package. He was also offered free medical check-ups for his lola.

Angel also chatted with Anthony “Supremo” Andres, a standup comedy magician. According to him, it was actually his friends in the magic industry who gave him the moniker “Supremo”, which was the title given to Philippine patriot Andres Bonifacio, since his surname is Andres. He shared that comedy was something he has seen himself doing ever since because of his humorous personality. He wasn’t able to finish his studies since his father already retired from work, while his mother was a housewife.

That’s why Supremo decided to already work. He experienced doing several jobs – from working as a gasoline boy to being a promodizer. It was through his work as a promodiser where he met a friend who taught him how to do magic. He learned the craft and was able to be part of a magic club. However, his talent wasn’t known by many during that time, until he joined the “Funny One” segment of It’s Showtime where he won first runner-up and many people began to appreciate his talent.

Before the pandemic, Supremo’s work was certainly going well, enabling him to provide for his family. But when the pandemic came, he became the complete opposite of his jolly and positive personality as he got worried of his family’s future for totally losing work. Despite the situation, Supremo still chose to help his fellow magicians by mentoring them and to keep on going because of his daughter. When Angel asked him until when he will do his job, he said, “Hangga’t kaya kong magbigay ng ngiti sa nanonood ko sa akin, gagawin at gagawin ko pa rin ito.”

Iba ‘Yan gave him groceries for his family, as well as a gift certificate which he can use to buy any gift he wants for his partner and daughter. He was also offered a free eye checkup for his sick father and egg business package that can help him in supporting his family.

Angel gathered Mango, Dionisia, and Supremo together as they received inspirational messages from their idols and their loved ones. Mango was given a heartfelt message by his idol Negi and his beloved grandmother, while Dionisia received motivational message from his idol Ate Gay and his sister. Supremo, on the other hand, was given uplifting message by his idol Alex Calleja and his wife and daughter.